UMC20: (Mostly) New Faces Week (Jan. 24, 2023)

Looks like we get a bonus UMC20 this month, with January having five Tuesdays and all.

So, we’re using this opportunity to spread our wings a bit, bringing you a lot of first-timers to the UMC ecosystem mixed in with some returning friends with brand-new songs.

We’ll be back next Tuesday with the Best of January, and for certain, a few of these will make the cut. Till then, revel in the splendors of this week’s compilation.

Track listing
Party Nails ft. Boy Slim – Like U
YOVA – Hurt Like No Hurt
David Kitt – Wishing Well
Fyre Byrd – Godless
Jyou – Can’t Believe
SeddyMac ft. Brian Sour – L.O.S.T. Light
Chris Walton – Halfway Lover
Kara Frazier – I Love You
Moonroof – I’d Rather Be Alone
Natalie Shay – The Edge
Laveda – Clean
Shambolics – Living in Shadows
Flashlight Tag – Skeleton
Motihari Brigade – Algorithm & Blues
The Gulps – Mirror Mirror
John Laprade – Giving Up the Ghost
Jeremy Facknitz – As of This Morning
Amber Westerman – Love Who You Are
Ryan Thomas Smelle – Shame Shame
Jordyn Delzer – Last Pew

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