UMC20: You’ll Love This Mix! (Feb. 14, 2023)

Yeah, yeah… we had to sneak “love” into the headline, because it’s Valentine’s Day and all.

But… it’s true! Our weekly installment of 20 fresh tracks brings the heat like you wouldn’t believe, seamlessly melding through genres and breaking down the barriers that prescribed musical labels often put in place.

Fall in love with these new tunes, and enjoy not one, but TWO Quinn Spinn bonus tracks at the end — because we’re now releasing two new episodes per week!

Track listing
Emory Jaymz – Money Can’t Buy You Love
Seddymac ft. AJ & Malik Jvon – Ropes
Heru Heru – Stop Playing With Us
DEVORA – Bonesaw
Ria Barkr – Morning Would
BTJMN ft. Anne De Ferran – Talk About It
Chelcie Jette – Relevant
ARREIS – Vices
OCCO – I’m Not Crazy!
ZAMPKAMP – Human Essence
Jake Simmons – My American Dream
smudgeout – waiting
Mareeka – Give it to Me
Nora Tirrell – Parts of You
Grace Smiles – Waiting
Trevor Larkin – Shadows and Distance
Stick & Bindle – Main Road
Em Downs – Ohio
Ty Warner ft. Olivia Frances – You’re My Tomorrow
John Laprade – Angie’s Got a Way

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