LISTEN: On ‘Bones,’ Anastasia Elliot Illustrates the Alluring Rush of Toxic Love

Anastasia Elliot‘s forthcoming debut album, La Petite Mort (‘The Little Death’), is described by the purple-haired rock goddess as an exploration of her relationship with the phases of trauma and rebirth that followed her 2013 plane crash.

Those phases can — and usually do — include trauma bonding to others in relationships. These situations may seem fun as first, but they ultimately result in unfulfilling and unhealthy dynamics. Elliot’s new single, “Bones,” explores these relationships as “the kind of childish love that makes us chase the red flags, while also becoming the red flags.”

“‘Bones’ is the ultimate distraction of fun; the comic relief of La Petite Mort, if you will,” Elliot said. “The part of the story where I started seeking to control others, since I couldn’t control my insides or my situation. It can be easier that way sometimes, but it never ends well. This song came from my first misguided attempts to take back my personal power, looking for it in the wrong places that came easy to me, and devouring many innocent hearts in the process. With the violence that is weaved into the more carefree and playful soundscape of this song, it shows the internal knowledge that at this time, there was no happy ending in a relationship with me. When you are searching for a partner from a broken place, it will always end in another little death.”

“Bones” was written and produced at Nashville’s Blackbird Studios. A hypnotic, punchy rhythm marches on triumphantly, keeping us ensnared in the single’s every fleeting moment like the dopamine rush of toxic love. Vocally, Elliot once again shines, showcasing stellar command as she unabashedly illustrates to her enchanted lover, step by step, exactly how this relationship is going to end.

When it’s this much fun, though? It’s worth the burn! Check out “Bones” below.

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