Beginning Your Music Career? No More Procrastination!

Humans are masters at procrastination, especially when it comes to taking on a difficult task. As we all know, starting a music career – much like any creative endeavor – can be synonymous with the word “difficult.” You’re building a platform from zero, with no clear indication of how long it will take, or what challenges lie on the road ahead. Scary stuff!

Not only is procrastination a great way to not accomplish your goals; it’s harmfulA 2013 study from Psychological Science shows that procrastinators “end up suffering more and performing worse” than their counterparts. Indeed, those same fears that appear in place to protect us are actually hurting us in the long run.

The antidote to those fears – and the key to achieving your creative vision – is simple: Just start. Today, we’re going to take it a step further, and break down the excuses we make that often get in the way.

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