LISTEN: On ‘Old Habits,’ Natasha Blaine Makes Toxic Love Sound Too Good to Leave Behind

Natasha Blaine is back for 2023 with one of her most dynamic singles to date!

The Nashville-based jazz pop artist just dropped “Old Habits” on us on Sunday, March 12. As always, Blaine’s silky vocals mesmerize the listener as she sings of a toxic relationship that, against her better judgment and all of the red flags, continues to pull her back in.

Produced by Ryan Connors, “Old Habits” is a multi-layered masterpiece. It’s hallmarked by one of the tastiest bass lines we’ve heard in recent memory, courtesy of Moe Suave. Funky flute riffs from flautist Jeff Coffin weave in and out of the soundscape, in between tasteful Colin Wells’ guitar licks and glistening BGVs.

When toxic love sounds this good, who are we to judge you for going back for more? Check out “Old Habits” below!

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