UMC20: Across Genre Lines (May 23, 2023)

Hold it right there!

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Anyway, onto this week’s edition of UMC20

Track listing
Ender Bowen – Tongue in Cheek
Lonely Little Kitsch – Monster
Meg Rilley – Below Average
The Mad Sugars – Hello New Jersey
Spirits Republic – Hydroplane
Kurudj – Snail Anxiety
Birds are Better – Super Highway
Julia Gomez – Destiny’s a Sweetheart
Noelle McFarland – Security Blanket
Tom Webber – Lightning Strike of ‘22
Matt Steinfeld – All That It Knows
Stacey Kelleher – UFO
Rigbie – Chasing the Sky
Andreas Weise – Fight For Love
Avara – if you picked up
DeJuan ‘N’ Only – Kehlani
Frio – Reflections
Foundation Mecca – Tijuana
Donny Apollo ft. Brian Brown – Nsync

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