Picks of the Platzes: Start Your Second Half Up North

It feels like Musikfest just started. And yet, the 2023 edition of the nation’s largest free, non-gated music festival is past the halfway point.

Your legs may be hurting a bit by now, so we’ll keep your travel to a minimum by giving you a pair of selections on the North Side of the ‘Fest.

Phillip’s Pick: Bandits on the Run

Zinzenplatz (North Side), 7 p.m.

Bandits on the Run is a genre-defying outfit consisting of three lead singers, who play guitar, cello, accordion, and various toy instruments.

Hailing from Brooklyn, they are known for their vivacious performance style, unexpected theatrical antics, soaring harmonies, and ability to make music-magic happen everywhere.

Gerard’s Pick (a.k.a. The Sheriff’s Selection): Chasing Daylight

Main Street Stage (North Side), 8:30 p.m.

Bobby Siegfried is a musical genius. He can play just about anything, and his original music project Chasing Daylight blends soul, pop, R&B and a whole lot more in incredibly seamless fashion.

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