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Oceans Over Airplanes Adds ‘Colour’ to the Palette and more

When diving into Oceans Over Airplanes, I started out simply wanting to review their latest single, “Colour.”  Released in late 2018, “Colour” showcases OOA’s brand of emo/alternative rock in a way that begs you to listen to more. Driven by an outstanding drummer in Joseph Bickham, this Northwest Indiana band delivers a great blend of powerful vocals from bassist Tony Pagorek and a very solid sound from guitarist Mike Anderson.

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Half Alright caps off #LVUFirstFriday

Don’t go home too early. As the January edition of LVUFirstFriday winds down, the Funhouse Southside will provide the late night musical entertainment with Half Alright. Following the early performance by Doyle and the Deubs, the band will hit “stage” at 10:30pm and keep things going until 1:30am.

If you missed our earlier lineup announcement, the remainder of the schedule is below. We’ll see you on the Southside tonight !

EZ Money (20 W. 4th St.), 5-6:30 p.m.
Payton Renee

Domaci (21 E. 3rd St), 5:30-9 p.m.
One-Year Anniversary Celebration ft. Ophelia

Molly’s Irish Grille and Sports Pub (4th and New St.), 6-9 p.m.
Brian Kibler

The Funhouse (5 E. 4th St.), 6-8:30 p.m.
Doyle and the Deubs with Shawn Cav

The Banana Factory (25 W. 3rd St.), 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Tom Cooney

Godfrey Daniels (7 E. 4th St.), 7:30 p.m.
Ward Hayden and the Outliers (visit for ticket info)

SouthSide 313 (313 E. 3rd St.), 9 p.m.-midnight
David Johnsen

As always, thanks to our community partners at SouthSide Arts District, Banko Beverage Co., and Comfort Suites Bethlehem for helping us keep community programming going in our hometown every month.

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‘New’ Faces for a New Year Coming to #LVUFirstFriday in January

Back home in Pennsylvania, the New Year brings some “new” faces to the Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series, coming this Friday, January 4 and presented by Underground Music Collective and SouthSide Arts District.

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Ralph’s Reviews: ‘The Curse of the Scruft’ is Unleashed

After releasing their debut EP “Brain Potion” in March, Kutztown, PA’s Scruft got right back to work and their latest effort drops today. “The Curse of the Scruft” is a unique blend of punk and psychedelic rock, and is a nice follow-up to their earlier release.

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Ralph’s Reviews: The Ever-Prolific Flagship Romance

Flagship Romance is an alternative folk duo currently based in Truth-or-Consequences, New Mexico. Originally from Jacksonville, FL, this husband and wife team has been making beautiful music together for quite some time, releasing their debut EP, “The Fudge Sessions,” in 2013. Since, they have since released another EP and two full-length albums. Their latest, “Tales from the Self-Help Section,” was released in August of 2017.

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Ralph’s Reviews: Demi the Daredevil’s 2018 At-A-Glance

Austin, TX-based musician Jeff Azar released three new singles under cinematic rock project Demi the Daredevil this year, giving a deep, introspective look at mental health; a subject many of us shy away from, and that few of us even care to acknowledge.

But, with the growing awareness of mental health issues and the toll they can take on our lives, Jeff’s message that needs to be heard loud and clear. And so, Jeff chooses to spread that message through the kind of music that grabs and holds your attention, due to both subject matter and quality.

“America Anonymous” leaves us to examine the choice our demons present us with, beginning with the words, “There’s a beast in me” and resolving, “I can kill it with a quick fix, or use it creatively.” “Lone Lady” looks outside of the self, as the protagonist seems more focused on helping someone else deal with their demons instead of focusing on his own.

A particularly powerful moment lies in the subtext of “Ain’t it Tragic,” which copes with unexpected loss and finishing something that was started as a team, alone. I can only speculate that it’s about the passing of the band’s primary songwriter and frontman, Jovan Ortiz, which left Jeff to finish the vocals on their first release.

There’s much more you can learn about Jeff Azar and Demi the Daredevil by visiting the band online or on Facebook. You can also listen to a sampling of the band’s best tunes below via Spotify.

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