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Matthew Pinder Gets Candid with ‘Too Young To Understand’

Matthew Pinder has always written in a particularly vulnerable fashion. His way of shaping words and melodies perfectly embodies the emotion he’s feeling. His newest single, “Too Young To Understand,” is no exception.

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LISTEN: A Feel-Good Single from The Tisburys

When I first hit play on The Tisburys’ newest single, “Fading Light,” a reminiscent wave washed over me. I could feel a cool summer breeze with the last rays of the setting sun on my face, and a multi-colored stage in the distance becoming ever brighter with the ascension into the evening. The rawness and spirit of this song reminds me of everything that I love about music.

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LISTEN: Phillip-Michael Scales Finds His Way

Phillip-Michael Scales has always been an extremely active songwriter and performing artist, with a plethora of bands serving as vessels for his many stories. Whether it be folk, indie pop, soul, or blues, Phillip has a distinct way of making his songs feel like they are happening to you, rather than being performed for you.

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‘Long Way Back’ Previews Skylar Gregg’s Most Honest Record Yet

Join Skylar Gregg when she joins us on Facebook Live for the UMC Quarantine Jam, Friday, May 1 at 6 p.m. CDT!

It’s hard not to hearken back to the early days of Aretha Franklin when Skylar Gregg comes on. A true embodiment of American soul and blues, her powerful, gritty vocal prowess is on full display, with a dangerously tight rhythm section to boot. Her new single, “Long Way Back,” manages to revive a deeply nostalgic sound with a modern perspective.

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