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Tafari Anthony Finds His Way With ‘Live in a Dream’

To me, Tafari Anthony embodies so much of what I respect in an artist. He has always stuck to a consistent path of creation and self-reflection, striding boldly and bravely upon it.

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LISTEN: A Feel-Good Single from The Tisburys

When I first hit play on The Tisburys’ newest single, “Fading Light,” a reminiscent wave washed over me. I could feel a cool summer breeze with the last rays of the setting sun on my face, and a multi-colored stage in the distance becoming ever brighter with the ascension into the evening. The rawness and spirit of this song reminds me of everything that I love about music.

Chase that ‘Fading Light’

LISTEN: Phillip-Michael Scales Finds His Way

Phillip-Michael Scales has always been an extremely active songwriter and performing artist, with a plethora of bands serving as vessels for his many stories. Whether it be folk, indie pop, soul, or blues, Phillip has a distinct way of making his songs feel like they are happening to you, rather than being performed for you.

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‘Long Way Back’ Previews Skylar Gregg’s Most Honest Record Yet

Join Skylar Gregg when she joins us on Facebook Live for the UMC Quarantine Jam, Friday, May 1 at 6 p.m. CDT!

It’s hard not to hearken back to the early days of Aretha Franklin when Skylar Gregg comes on. A true embodiment of American soul and blues, her powerful, gritty vocal prowess is on full display, with a dangerously tight rhythm section to boot. Her new single, “Long Way Back,” manages to revive a deeply nostalgic sound with a modern perspective.

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Exhibit&Friends Episode 8: Bootleg Rascal

Underground Music Collective is excited to partner with California-based music writer and vlogger ExhibitCreative to bring you the Exhibit&Friends video series.

Based in California, Exhibit&Friends will feature interviews with artists from all over the world, across a wide variety of genres — kind of like a lot of what we do here at UMC. Great minds think alike, as they say, and we’re excited to welcome our new friends into the fold, and to become introduced to even more talented and creative people from everywhere.

Let’s jump right in below!

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Allan Scott Band: Live at City View Sound

Singer and songwriter Allan Scott discovered an affinity for music at a young age. He was 11 when his brother started taking guitar lessons. “I eventually took his guitar and didn’t give it back,” Allan explained with a laugh.

Allan’s band features rich pop sounds with a strong message of faith, and the incredible musicians in Allan’s midst participate wholeheartedly in the songwriting process.

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