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Songs You Should Hear: Self-Love, Survival, and Taking Risks

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Anyway, onto this week’s Songs You Should Hear…

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Country Music, Football, and Overcoming the Odds with KEG Country (Keith Evan Gay)

Keith Evan Gay is a South Georgia native with strong country roots and an unshakable devotion to the Georgia Bulldogs. Keith is bringing his brand of KEG Country to the masses with his new single, “Only One Dawg in this Fight,” which serves as a rallying cry for the back-to-back national champion Bulldogs.

We catch up with Keith about the song, his forthcoming releases (crafted at the renowned Sound Kitchen Studios), and the trials he’s overcome to get here.

And who knows… maybe we’ll even talk a little football.


PREMIERE: Kara Frazier’s ‘I Love You’ is a Timeless Masterpiece

Since coming to Nashville, one thing we’ve always been able to count on is Kara Frazier‘s knack for delivering soulful R&B cuts that are modern, yet timeless. Frazier’s world-class vocal abilities always seem to shine, adding depth and feeling to any track on which she is featured.

Her new single, “I Love You,” continues this glorious tradition.

Hear it First!

UMC20: Open the Flood Gates! (Jan. 17, 2023)

Last week, we told you we were sitting on a treasure trove of upcoming submissions. This week, we’re excited to tell you that many of them have made their ways into the world!

Seriously, we’re amazed. How do you all ensure that we have a fresh bounty of sounds to compile every single week? Credit goes to the indie musicians of Earth for always making this happen, without question.

Listen to UMC20

Sunday Replay: Intuition, Vulnerability, and Time-Bound Goals

The Quinn Spinn train keeps a-rollin’ into Year 10: Overdrive… even if we do take the show off the rails from time to time.

As our 2023 guest lineup continues to take shape, we still have plenty of conversations to revisit from past episodes, to help you navigate life and business in the creative space.

If that sounds good to you — and you want even more — here’s where to find it!

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Why Risk Taking is Essential to Your Music Career

Taking risks is the only way to grow.

We’ve all heard that advice and perhaps we’ve even egged our fellow musicians and creatives on in such a way, as they’ve danced with their fears of the unknown.

However, in times of big decisions – of the choice between taking the leap, or playing it safe – we often find this advice most difficult to take ourselves.

Here’s why, even in the face of fear, risk taking not only worthwhile, but necessary to our creative journeys.

As a bonus, here’s a song about risk taking from our friend, Lord Goldie

Songs You Should Hear on a Lucky Friday the 13th

It’s your lucky day! Not only did Jenna write this incredible premiere feature on TopHouse’s new EP to begin your weekend, but New Music Friday also brings about a fresh batch of Songs You Should Hear!

Today, we have three fresh cuts from artists who have graced our pages before. Jump on in!

Hear What You Should

PREMIERE: Get Away with TopHouse’s New EP, ‘Campfire Stories’

Well folks, as though they hadn’t already done it several times over by now, TopHouse has arrived.

Their new EP, Campfire Stories, is a collection that will make you think, make you feel, and make you want to tap your toes and slap that tambo in the great outdoors with all your chosen family. It’s such an inspiring collection of songs that I needed to know more. So, while they picked their strings, I picked their brains. 

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