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A Passionate Defense of Paul Blart: Mall Cop (ft. Scotty Rock)

The Quinn and Scotty Rock are back for 2023, wingin’ it all the way as our 10th anniversary year kicks into overdrive.

The result? An off-the-rails conversation about the movies and TV shows we like (or dislike), the return of Stupid News, and some thoughts on everything on the horizon as we approach The Quinn Spinn’s 10th birthday.


UMC20: It’s a New Year, Yes It Is! (Jan. 3, 2023)

Welcome to 2023! We’re glad you’re here.

We’re also glad to see that the independent artists of Earth have been busy, even through the holidays, by sending us loads of new music to greet us upon our return to Nashville. We start 2023 the same way we’ve persisted in prior years; by having no shortage of musical flavors to present to you all.

We’ll be here with a fresh compilation every Tuesday. Here’s the first of many!

Listen to UMC20

Keith Evan Gay Salutes Georgia Football with “Only One Dawg in this Fight.”

On New Year’s Eve, the #1 ranked Georgia Bulldogs will continue their quest to become back-to-back NCAA FBS National Champions when they take on Ohio State in the Peach Bowl.

Georgia native Keith Evan Gay is ready, with a rallying cry for Bulldog Nation in advance of the College Football Playoff.

Join DawgNation in the fight!

UMC50: 50 Memorable Songs from 2022

Folks, it’s finally here. The day has arrived.

Today, we narrow down the entire year to just 50 songs.

And, let me tell ya, it was a tall task. You’ve brought the heat to us consistently, and there were close calls and tough decisions throughout. We also had to factor in variety — we ensured that as many genres and flavors were represented as possible, to showcase the musical kaleidoscope that is the UMC community.

We hope you enjoy what we have for you on this year’s compilation. Check it out!

Let’s go! Listen to UMC50!

UMC20: The Best of December 2022

If it feels a bit early in the month for us to be hitting you with a “Best Of” version of UMC20, we understand. However, we’re a week early this one for a very special reason.

The premiere of our 2022 UMC50 compilation — highlighting top tracks from throughout the year — will take place next Tuesday, December 27.

So, we’re hitting you with this month’s list as a precursor of what’s to come. Certainly, a couple of these cuts may find their way onto the year-end playlist. You’ll just have to wait a week to find out which ones…

Hear the Best of December

Life is Messy: Addressing Mental Health in the Moment with The Quinn and JD

JD made the trip up to Nashville from Atlanta for a special and super-important episode of The Quinn Spinn. JD opens up about his own, in-the-moment journey navigating mental health struggles and societal expectations, and shares valuable lessons learned along the way.

However, like life, this episode isn’t all serious. Given who’s involved, you know we had to go off the rails a bit… 😉


UMC20: 20 Distinct Flavors (Dec. 13, 2022)

Hold it right there! This holiday season, we’re asking our community to support Underground Music Collective’s Underground Rising initiative! By making a tax-deductible donation to UMC via The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville, you ensure that we can keep sharing songs and stories from independent creatives everywhere, for years to come. Click here to get started!

Anyway, onto this week’s UMC20…

Listen to UMC20

Embracing the Creative Process: A Conversation with Julian Fulco Perron

Julian Fulco Perron is a Denver-based musician and filmmaker with a contagious spirit of creative experimentation. This spirit shines through on Julian’s new album, In My Garden, which marks the beginning of a new and exciting chapter that cannot be contained to any one genre or musical era.

Julian joins The Quinn Spinn today to discuss the album, and how modern times led him to pursue new passions that have given his creativity new life.


UMC20: Winter Moods and More (Dec. 6, 2022)

Sounds of the season. Sounds from all over the world. They’re all here!

It’s December, which means it’s time to include a handful of holiday tunes, in addition to songs that fit the vibe any time of year. Speaking of the holidays, we’ve also got a few artists performing on this week’s Bundle Up Nash annual clothing drive here in Nashville, if you’re craving some local flavors.

Listen to UMC20

Standing in Our Truth: 2022 in Review with Lauren Gomance

Our first episode with Lauren Gomance of SoulFit Counseling has stood the test of time as our most popular episode of 2022 across all streaming platforms.

Today, Lauren joins us for another round!

The end result? Another deep-diving, insightful conversation about healing, establishing healthy relationships, and showing up as our true selves, while incorporating the lessons we’ve each had a chance to learn in 2022.

Also, we talk about yoga. 🙂

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