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LVMA19 Week: The Quinn Spinn’s Lehigh Valley Music Awards Preview

The 19th Annual Lehigh Valley Music Awards ceremony takes place this Sunday at 4 p.m. at SteelStacks in Bethlehem, with the official Lehigh Valley Underground Preshow beginning in the ArtsQuest Center’s first floor lobby at 3 p.m.

Tune in for music from LVMA19 nominees. Plus, The Quinn shares an LVMA-related Somethin’ Good, tells you what you can expect before the LVMAs at the Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series this Friday in South Bethlehem, and gives a little advice on how to conduct oneself before, during, and after the LVMAs have been distributed.

Sponsored by The Valley Ledger and Tuk Law Offices.

Listen anytime:

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Roi and the Secret People – Saturn Girl
The Beautiful Distortion – Gasoline
Alpha Zero Three – Waiting on Myself
Autoerotica – Alone
Atown Slim ft. Phase Wun – Crime
Cubbage – Beautiful Night
Neil Grover – Politics
Leah Marie Fuls – Collision
Acoustic Kitty Project – San Francisco
Chelsea Lyn Meyer – Hangover
Werner & Julia Sommer – At All Times
Shawn Cav – Looking Busy

The Quinn Spinn: Musikfest 2016 Preview Edition

Musikfest starts this weekend, and we’re popping in on our summer break to preview the action! Joining us is Ricardo Flores, President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association, who talks to us about the organization’s mission, values, and the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground, happening Sunday, Aug. 7 from 8-11 p.m. at Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical stage.

Plus, we play music from artists who you’ll hear at the festival!

Track listing:
The Groove Merchants – John the Savage
Alex Radus – We Can’t Play Like Django
This Way to the Egress – Earworm
Doubting Thoma$ – Slate Clean
Voirvoir – I Wanna
Scott Marshall – Hope on the Cross

LVU Names The Valley Ledger as The Quinn Spinn’s Feature Sponsor

The Valley Ledger is joining The Quinn Spinn’s live party this fall.

The online news organization, which covers happenings throughout the Lehigh Valley, is joining forces once again with Lehigh Valley Underground as the feature sponsor of our Official Podcast. This isn’t The Valley Ledger’s first foray into Podcast Land with Lehigh Valley Underground and The Quinn Spinn; the Ledger was the official sponsor of QSLehighValley earlier this year, a local “Spinn” on the show, which has now been combined with its parent show into one, two-hour long Facebook Live broadcast every week.

“The Valley Ledger has been a valued partner of Lehigh Valley Underground from the very beginning,” said Gerard Longo, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Lehigh Valley Underground. “Joe Thompson and his team are the first folks I thought of when looking for an organization to sponsor this new, live era of The Quinn Spinn.”

The Quinn Spinn, sponsored by The Valley Ledger, premieres live on the podcast’s official Facebook page on Mon., Sept. 19 from 6-8 p.m., with replays to be made available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and

The Quinn Spinn is Going (Facebook) Live This Fall!

After exclusively pre-recording since the show’s launch in 2013, The Quinn Spinn, the Official Podcast of Lehigh Valley Underground, is going live this fall!

Starting with the season premiere on September 19, each new recording of The Quinn Spinn will be streamed via Facebook Live on Mondays from 6-8 p.m. For two hours, viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the show as it happens, adding an interactive element that will allow for live feedback and requests from listeners.

As always, The Quinn Spinn will feature interviews, topical conversation and, of course, independent music from the Lehigh Valley and around the world. The two-hour time slot will allow The Quinn Spinn to house all of its music under one roof – the first hour of each new episode will be dedicated to local artists, while the second hour will feature those from anywhere in the world.

Upon completion of each new episode of The Quinn Spinn, replays will be made available on SoundCloud, iTunes, and

For official updates on the coming season of The Quinn Spinn, and to catch the action as it happens this fall, “Like” The Quinn Spinn’s official Facebook page.

Lauren Marsh Coming to Hard Rock Philly on June 10

You’ve heard Lauren Marsh before on QSLehighValley. On Friday, June 10, you can hear her play live at Philadelphia’s Hard Rock Cafe.

Lauren, whose EP “Veracity” can be best described as “a stirring collection of atmospheric indie pop tunes,” is an artist with Lehigh Valley ties as a previous student of Moravian College. Her music has received nationwide recognition, with “Dear Love,” the new EP’s closing track, having been featured on CBS’ NCIS: New Orleans. The track is also currently #10 on Spotify’s “Broken Heart” playlist.

Opening for Lauren on June 10 will be Giada J., an Italian-born singer-songwriter whose latest work, “Songs to Deliver,” was released in November 2015, and Lullanas, a Philly-based twin singer-songwriter duo.

This all ages night of music begins at 8:30 p.m., with doors at 8. Tickets are $10 advance, and $12 on the day of the show. Click here for tickets and more information.


Sunday Thought Series: We’ve Had Ourselves a Month

May has been so busy and exciting that it’s hard to believe that we were in the middle of our first media partnership with Allentown JazzFest only a few weeks ago. We started the month with Scott Tixier in Emmaus, and the festival would continue during the month’s opening week with performances from Steve Coleman and Five Elements, Lucy Woodward and many more.

The fun continued all month long. We’ve seen debuts, international rising stars, industry veterans, and long-time local favorites. We successfully closed the return season – and first on LVU – of our official podcast, The Quinn Spinn, with great hope for the future. And, of course, we met more great people and had insightful conversations that will surely help us all work toward the betterment of our original music community in the months and years ahead.

Through it all, there’s a sense of satisfaction in knowing that so many people in our music community have been positively impacted by Lehigh Valley Underground, both throughout this month and dating back to January. The fact that people are hearing about us on their own – and not just from my incessant, daily social media posts – means that we’ve strengthened the music scene, and that we can only get better from here together.

It should be an amazing summer. A lot of big things are beginning to take shape. Although I can’t talk about them yet, please know that May was just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a lot more #BuildingBetter where this came from.

When I’m Gone, Leave the Light On…

With the return season of The Quinn Spinn in the books, we want to encourage you all to follow and check in regularly with the show’s official blog (yes, a separate blog from LVU) for exclusive updates as we re-focus and get ready for a new season in the fall.

I took some time out this afternoon to share my thoughts about and gratitude for this great season, and I look forward to many more as we continue #BuildingBetter together.

QSLehighValley: May 26, 2016

The Quinn Spinn’s return season is complete with this all-new episode of #QSLehighValley, sponsored by The Valley Ledger. We offer you our heartfelt thanks alongside these local tracks for sticking with us and making this season a success. We’ll keep #BuildingBetter together!

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
This Way to the Egress – This Side of Jordan
Lauren Marsh – Promise
Avi Wisnia – Rabbit Hole
Julius – Sunlit Day
AVYLON – Don’t Look Back
Rofo Audio – Hushed
Duke Maroon – The Man Who Laughs
Autoerotica – Slip Away
Alpha Zero Three – Take Me Over
JingerKroa – Echo
The Wayside Shakeup – Stay Up

Sunday Thought Series: Face-to-Face

I lived in rural New Jersey for the majority of The Quinn Spinn’s previous run. As a direct result, I often found it difficult to get out on the scene on a regular basis. Heading to New York was always an all-day, expensive affair, and constantly being cash-strapped at the time always made it much more difficult. I loved what was going on in Philly, but it was two hours away, and even if I had known about the wealth of talent in my “second home” of the Lehigh Valley, it was still an hour drive at the time.

I knew the whole time that I needed to be out there. I needed to be much more than a talking head behind a computer (or phone, or tablet) screen, and I needed to get out, support local music, and build relationships with the same artists I’d play on our shows every week. Oddly enough, the best way in this digital age to be a resource and build a brand as an indie music authority is to meet people face-to-face. Who would have thought?

I’ve seen this in action ever since moving back out here (a year ago today), and then by launching Lehigh Valley Underground in January. I’ve gone out on the scene more than I’ve ever had the opportunity before.

Getting to at least once show per week is my rule. As a result, I’ve had the chance to meet great people and talented artists whom I now call friends. I’ve had some really cool opportunities – Allentown JazzFest comes to mind – which have helped build the profile of LVU as an emerging player in our local music scene. I would like to think that bodes well for everyone.

Through it all, I just want to express my gratitude for being able to work with all of you to this point. For as busy as life gets, I now know I can count on going out, snapping some photos, and hanging out with some talented folks, to the point where doing so has become ingrained in my weekly routine.

It’s been a blast so far, and I look forward to discovering where the road leads us next.

Blue Bell’s The Stoop Adds New Meaning to DIY Venues

All photos in this article were taken by Scott Dickinson and provided by The Stoop.

Here at Lehigh Valley Underground, we have a ton of respect for anybody who is blazing their own trail musically. Whether it is the artists you hear each week on The Quinn Spinn and QSLehighValley, or industry people providing opportunities to musicians, there is much to be said about folks who believe in indie music enough to contribute to the scene.

Such is the case with The Stoop, a DIY venue in Blue Bell that is literally what its name suggests – a front stoop in a residential neighborhood. Operated by Marcos Sanchez and Kacia Gonzalez, The Stoop has developed a friendly relationship with its community and local authorities as it provides a continually-improving experience for local musicians.

Gonzalez sat down to provide some information on The Stoop. For more information and a list of upcoming shows, please visit The Stoop’s Facebook page.

So, what exactly is your role in all of this?
The Stoop was created as a way to showcase small local bands in a manner besides large venues or small bars. My most important job is contacting new bands to play, and acting as liaison between band members.

FB_IMG_1463088823041The Stoop was founded in 2014. Talk about the growth that you’ve experienced since then.
This is something that was so small when it started. It was a gathering for all of our friends who are also a group of really talented musicians. It became something special by the end of the summer of its first year, with 4 or 5 new bands at every show, from every different genre of music. It is not at all odd for us to have a jazz band play after a punk band, that plays after a ska band.

What are some of the big things you’re doing in 2016?
This year, we have been able to put The Stoop on a pedestal. Marcos’ band, Stay At Home Dad, recorded an EP over the winter at Drexel. After all of the shows and new friends and connections we made through that, we were able to target a broader range of local bands and looked towards the Philly area.

Through the help of all of these amazing people who have been so willing to help us expose The Stoop, we were lucky enough to have five bands from the Philly/Jersey area, ranging from jam bands to punk bands. All of the bands who played last week have a dedicated fan base, which is huge.

What do you think attracts people to The Stoop?
I think what is most special about The Stoop – and what attracts so many people to it – is its communal spirit. We cherish this area, and we know it deserves a solid music community. People come here to play and are instantly aware of an overwhelming sense of community and pride in the musicians playing. Stoop shows are also completely laid-back events. People are always playing basketball, skateboarding, playing with their dogs or kids, or just relaxing.

FB_IMG_1463088845760What do the bands have to say about it?
Bands have expressed to us how much fun it is to play in front of people actually playing. It gives off a festival feeling, just for a day in our own backyard. It truly is something special.

What do you think the future holds for The Stoop?
We have a lot of hopes and dreams for the future of The Stoop. We have a lot of big Philly bands lined up for the summer season, all the way until October, and we know that this year will be the catalyst to put us out there.

Best of luck going forward! Anything else you’d like to add?
We want to express how much it means to have you interested in us. We never thought The Stoop would have gotten anywhere close to this two years ago. We would love to have you at the next Stoop to check it out for yourself on Saturday, June 25. That night we are featuring a jazz rock band, a grindcore band, a psychedelic funk band and many more. Thanks again, and hope to talk to you soon!

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