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The Balcony Show Play of the Day: Sun., Apr. 7

We’re back to wrap your weekend with a Play of the Day from our friends in radio, The Balcony Show.

Check out the space below the jump to see which tune Ann and co. have selected to help you wind down.

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Ralph’s Reviews: Anna Rose Reveals Gentler Side on ‘Nobody Knows I’m Here’

New York-based Anna Rose combines a powerful voice and a rock and roll attitude on stage. Her live performances call to mind the likes of Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, or Janis Joplin, and her stage presence screams of an independent woman who is going to play hard, sing hard, and rock hard.

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Stephanie Ryann’s Self-Titled EP Offers Many Shades of Heartbreak

The best country music paints the picture of salt-of-the-earth, everyday people going through everyday events. These are the people working for a living, enjoying life’s simple pleasures and, yes, even enduring heartbreak from time to time.

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LISTEN: Drew Michael Blake and the Belfry Release ‘You’re the One’

Image credit: Drew Michael Blake on Facebook

Nashville-based Drew Michael Blake and The Belfry have stepped into spring in style with “You’re the One,” a fun and spirited rock and roll anthem about a love stronger than any other.

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