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The Mad Sugars

Pictured: The Mad Sugars

Since January 2016, Underground Music Collective has featured some of music’s best and brightest independent acts. We have welcomed and reviewed submissions of all genres, covered hundreds of performances, and continue to strive to build a stronger community around the art being created by independent musicians everywhere, every day.

We got our start in Bethlehem, PA, albeit under a different name: Lehigh Valley Underground. The fundamental mission was the same, of course; we were a publication doing everything we could to highlight independent music, especially in eastern Pennsylvania and western New Jersey. In our time in the Keystone State, our award-winning platform highlighted the region’s most noteworthy musicians and festivals through multimedia channels including web, social media, and internet radio. In addition, we hosted and/or sponsored a number of popular events in the region, most notably including the Lehigh Valley Underground First Friday Concert Series, in partnership with Bethlehem’s SouthSide Arts District.

After nearly three years, and after exploring the industry’s greater landscape through conferences and other educational opportunities, we began to look beyond the cozy confines of home. We thought, “Hey, there’s a boatload of talent here and everywhere else. What if we became a resource to connect all of these people to each other and the music industry?”

So, we ventured out to do that in November 2018, transforming into Underground Music Collective and re-locating our base content operations into the literal heart of the music industry: Nashville. That’s where we’ve been ever since.

At the heart of it all, though, is that same a love of music discovery that fuels us to feature new artists, releases, and performances every single day. In addition, we create insightful multimedia content featuring people who have experienced the ups and downs of living a creative life, including musicians, producers, content creators, and more!

Thanks for joining us on this ride! Stick around a while to #GoUnderground and #GoBeyond!

The People of The Underground

Gerard Longo, Founder

More bios coming soon!

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