People of the Underground

Jenna Rose

UMC Contributor

As a lifelong music industry junky born and raised in the redwoods of Northern California, I’m no stranger to getting my hands dirty, and my favorite way to do that is behind the scenes. I planned my first internationally attended music festival at the age of 15, and that event lit a spark in me. Since then, I have continued my quest to get as involved as possible, wherever possible, in the music scene. With a background in hospitality, events, and tourism management, and as a constant student of the ever-evolving music industry, I am a planner at heart, and currently invest my time helping independent artists manage their vision and career.

Working with Underground Music Collective is a perfectly natural extension to that, and a very warm welcome into the Nashville musical community, which I joined in April 2020.

Michelle Stone

UMC Contributor

Being a Nashville born native, I’ve always had a deep love of music. I’ve seen the music scene evolve over the years into what it is today. Most of my friends are musicians or creators in some way. Despite several other interests and passions, writing has always been my main constant form of expression; I’m a screenwriter, poet, author, and blogger. Writing for the Underground Music Collective appealed to me because I believe that artists deserve a voice and recognition for what they create. Writing is a gift that I’m able to share with others, motivating and inspiring them to continue doing what they love. 

When I’m not writing for the collective, being involved in the music scene, or creating – I enjoy many different activities like playing chess, adventuring in nature, hanging with my pup, doing martial arts, yoga, meditating, cooking, or playing video games. I consider myself a woman of eclectic taste in both music and adventure.

Van Isaacson

UMC Contributor

Wisconsinite born and raised, Van Isaacson left the cold northern woods for cold Chicago streets. He received a degree in Contemporary, Urban and Popular Music from Columbia College Chicago, and has recently relocated to Nashville.

As a songwriter and artist himself, Van has a deep fascination in the stories that songs stand upon and the poetic vessels that deliver them. When he’s not writing better reviews than Gerard, he can be found playing his fiddle for the local grizzly population around a raging campfire.