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Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: Oct. 9-15

The magic this week? It’s in the weekend.

Of course, we’ll be celebrating even bigger and better things for WLVU: The Sound of The Underground up at Broadway Pub this Friday. No matter your flavor, however, there’s a lot to like about what’s coming around the bend in the Valley. Behold these…

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

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Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: Apr. 17-23

Well, that was fun!

Hopefully, you enjoyed following along on our Launch Music Conference adventure this past weekend. We know we had a blast and learned a ton! As mentioned, we’ll be sharing some takeaways with you shortly.

We’re back in the Valley, though, and it’s a good thing, because this week holds many…

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

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Musikfest Begins With Great Performances, Ceremonial Honors

It was 5:30 p.m. Lehigh Valley residents and out-of-town tourists slowly started to arrive from their day jobs to Main Street in Bethlehem. It was time.

Musikfest officially kicked off on Friday evening, marking the start of ten days of food, drink, fun and, of course, great live music in downtown Bethlehem. As I walked down Main Street, there was a palpable energy in the air — the kind that could only be brought on by world-class live music in the summertime.

We kicked things off the same way Hotel Bethlehem Platz did — by taking in tunes from Alex Radus Trio. Radus’ combination of folk, jazz, and more was a smooth and welcome start to the festival.

After enjoying some of Radus’ great originals, I realized that, in a few minutes, Musikfest’s opening ceremonies would be beginning at Festplatz. I took a trip down to the big tent just in time for the National Anthem from East Stroudsburg student Lydia Johnson. That was followed by statements from local dignitaries, including ArtsQuest CEO Kassie Hilgert, Rev. Hopeton Clennon, and Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez. Honors were also presented to representatives from WFMZ, Sands Casino Resort Bethlehem, and McCarthy’s Red Stag Pub & Whiskey Bar to recognize the organizations for their years of contributions to Musikfest.

As the spirited opening ceremony gave way to setup for a tribute to the late “Jolly” Joe Timmer, I found myself unable to stick around — but only because I had to get to South Side. After all, a photo pass for the X Ambassadors show on the Sands Steel Stage was waiting for me, and I couldn’t wait to get down there. More on that later…

Musikfest Five-Point Preview: Day 1

Scott Marshall returns to the Musikfest Cafe Friday night.

You were wondering where your Can’t-Miss Shows were this week, weren’t you?

Admittedly, I wanted to take a few days off before hitting the scene during Musikfest. After all, there’s going to be so much music around these parts for the next ten days, that we’re going to have our hands full covering all of it.

I also must admit that we may not get to EVERY. SINGLE. SHOW. at Musikfest over the course of the next ten days. However, we will try our best to hit as many as possible (and if you want us to get to yours in particular, please let us know).

Either way, we WILL come at you each day of the festival with a brand-new…

Musikfest Five-Point Preview
Day 1 – Aug. 5, 2016

Alex Radus Trio | 5 p.m.
Hotel Bethlehem Platz (North)
Description: Mixing folk, jazz, Americana, and more, the diverse trio kicks off the second year of the iconic hotel’s official Musikfest stage.

Opening Ceremonies | 6 p.m.
Stage: Festplatz (North)
Description: Ring in a brand-new ‘Fest, back where it all started!

X Ambassadors ft. Rachel Platten & Jukebox the Ghost | 7 p.m.
Stage: Sands Steel Stage (South)
Description: The band that brought you “Renegades” kicks off the main stage action. LVU will have a review on Saturday!

 Scott Marshall & Marshall’s Highway | 8 p.m.
PNC Series at Musikfest Café (South)
Description: One of the Valley’s most popular acts returns to the scene of its April heroin awareness benefit.

The Rare Occasions | 11 p.m.
TD Community Stage on Air Products Townsquare (South)
Description: The party continues deep into the night with the Providence-based alt-rockers.

There’s more where that came from! Check in with DustinSchoof.com every morning throughout Musikfest for a full free stage lineup!

The Quinn Spinn: Musikfest 2016 Preview Edition

Musikfest starts this weekend, and we’re popping in on our summer break to preview the action! Joining us is Ricardo Flores, President of the Greater Lehigh Valley Music Association, who talks to us about the organization’s mission, values, and the Lehigh Valley Music Awards Rock Showcase, sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground, happening Sunday, Aug. 7 from 8-11 p.m. at Musikfest’s Plaza Tropical stage.

Plus, we play music from artists who you’ll hear at the festival!

Track listing:
The Groove Merchants – John the Savage
Alex Radus – We Can’t Play Like Django
This Way to the Egress – Earworm
Doubting Thoma$ – Slate Clean
Voirvoir – I Wanna
Scott Marshall – Hope on the Cross

While We Were Moving, Weird Dinosaur Things Plotted to Overtake Bethlehem (Again)

…and that’s just one of the many exciting things about this year’s recently-announced Musikfest free stage lineup!

OK, I must admit: I’m pumped for the return of SAURUS. Those bird/dinosaur/robot things were pretty epic when I encountered them after a couple Summer Shandies two years ago.

Even moreso, I can’t wait to hear some incredible music over the course of ten August days and nights in the Christmas City. The first weekend alone is stacked with artists we’ve featured before on LVU, from locals Alex Radus Trio, Scott Marshall, and Hector Rosado, to nationally-touring favorites like JD & the Straight Shot. The Amish Outlaws, too, hold a special place in my heart, as theirs was the first Musikfest show I ever worked as an event staffer at Festplatz on a Saturday night. On that fateful night, I got booed by the masses for telling an 85-year-old man to stop dancing on a table, and the Outlaws’ lead singer helped me return a lost child to his family, mid-song. It was a memorable night in my life, for sure.

As you can tell, I still get excited for Musikfest after all these years (I attended my first in 2007, as a rising Moravian College sophomore). I’m also looking forward to covering as many of these great performances as possible for LVU.

For now, take a look at the free lineup and let us know: Which shows are you most excited for, and which would you like to see us cover?


Review: Alex Radus – Jewels & Tinware

Artist: Alex Radus
Album: Jewels & Tinware (LISTEN)
Released: 2014
Genre: Variable

Alex Radus is a versatile artist, capable of writing and playing across styles that range from modern jazz-pop to old-time country folksongs. He does this on his latest album, “Jewels & Tinware,” with an obvious knowledge of and respect for the history of modern music.

Most of “Jewels and Tinware” relies on expert guitar work to set the mood for each song. It is perhaps at is best and most beautifully intricate on “We Can’t Play Like Django,” an ode to the guitar superpowers of Django Rinehardt that features the stylings of featured artist Dave Cahill. Alex is no slouch, either – album closer “Disorganized Religion” is a fast-paced acoustic joyride that couples the artist’s smooth, multi-genre vocal punch with modern country rhythms.

Alex’s blues and jazz sensibilities are clear on “Jewels & Tinware,” with funky album opener “Genius” showcasing his vocal abilities right off the bat. A bit later on “Someday,” Alex slows things down while keeping things super-smooth in this romantic ode to anticipation.

Alex expands his horizons on “Jewels & Tinware,” and the chances he takes pay off. One example as the tastefully-done “Shoveling Stone,” an old-time country folksong right down to its lo-fi production, minimalist instrumentation and vocal harmonies. Also intriguing is the captivating story behind “Soldier of the Devil,” a rugged folk-country song that tells the tale of a World War II soldier who can’t turn back from his deeds.

If you appreciate versatility and a taste of history with your music, you’ll appreciate Alex Radus’ “Jewels & Tinware.” You’d be hard-pressed to argue that the album doesn’t contain a little something for everyone.

Track listing

  • Genius
  • We Can’t Play Like Django
  • I Haven’t Missed You
  • My Funny Valentine
  • Someday
  • Baptism Sketches
  • Never Get Lonely
  • I’m a Pistol
  • Soldier of the Devil
  • Law of Lonesome Hearts
  • Shoveling Stone
  • Disorganized Religion

QSLehighValley: Apr. 14, 2016

This Way to the Egress is one of the most unique bands you’ll find, not only in the Lehigh Valley, but anywhere. Today, Sarah from This Way to the Egress joins QSLehighValley, sponsored by The Valley Ledger, to discuss the band’s musical adventures and more!

Also, make sure you listen to this one all the way to the end… 😉

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Mo7s – So Important
Alex Radus – Genius
This Way to the Egress – We Won’t Go
This Way to the Egress – Lucy
The Revere – The Exile
Go Evolution – What If
Michael Meade – As Long As I Have You

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