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Songs You Should Hear: New Bops for the New Year!

It’s the first New Music Friday of 2023! With that, we return to form by giving you some Songs You Should Hear to start the New Year off right!

We’re excited to present some new faces and sounds here, as we embark fully on the first leg of this 365-day quest. Come along for the ride!

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Sunday Replay: What is ‘Good’ Selfish? Giving Ourselves Flexibility and a Chance to Recharge

Before the weekend is through, kick back and enjoy some thoughtful clips from our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn.

These conversations highlight the creative process, as well as ways to show up better for ourselves, so that we have more to give. If you want more where this came from, make sure you hit the links below and subscribe!

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Finding Freedom in Self-Expression with 0-brien

We first featuredĀ 0-brienĀ at Underground Music Collective in March 2020, just as COVID shutdowns were setting in all over the world. Much has changed — in the world, in our careers, and in our lives.

The Nashville-based alternative artist discusses his creative process, the importance he places on self-expression, and how his personal evolution has informed his art.


UMC20: Autumnal Moods (Oct. 18, 2022)

It’s freezing in Nashville today.

OK, it isn’t freezing. But highs are only in the 50s, so it might as well be.

What that also means is that it’s time to trade summer’s bright energy for cozier moods befitting the season. That’s not to say that there aren’t some bangers on this week’s edition of UMC20, but it is to point out that the back half of this week’s playlist has a healthy dose of pensive Americana tunes befitting the vibrant pastels of a mid-October sunset.

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Purpose, Growth, Relationships, and Balance: Staying on the Grind with Gr3ys0n

Over the past 10 years, the artistry of Gr3ys0n has gone through many phases. The Bethlehem, PA-based nerdcore hip hop artist — formerly known by the names Maverick da Roninn and NyteXing — is prolific in his creative output, blending his own life experience with references from comic book, anime, and video game culture to create a multiverse of his own.

We catch up with Gr3ys0n on today’s episode of The Quinn Spinn to chat about his new album, Identity Crisis Pt. 4: Hero Saga. We also explore what this project represents at this point in his creative journey, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and the art of balancing passions with the responsibilities of family life.


Songs You Should Hear: Let’s Process Our Emotions Together

Y’all… this week’s Songs You Should Hear hit hard.

There’s hope. There’s despair. There’s inspiration, introspection, and escapism. Sometimes, they all hit simultaneously. Without a doubt, these songs will get you feeling something.

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Songs You Should Hear: Choose Self-Love, and Don’t ‘Feel Bad’ About It

The day after Thanksgiving is a waking food coma, ain’t it?

I know I feel that way right now. Fortunately, there’s always music to help us ease back into action, as we’ll be doing this weekend. Might as well get started by giving you some Songs You Should Hear!

Also, Jenna returns to our now-weekly tradition. In fact, we’ll start off with her latest pick below!

Songs You Should Hear: Nov. 26, 2021

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