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Finding Freedom in Self-Expression with 0-brien

We first featured 0-brien at Underground Music Collective in March 2020, just as COVID shutdowns were setting in all over the world. Much has changed — in the world, in our careers, and in our lives.

The Nashville-based alternative artist discusses his creative process, the importance he places on self-expression, and how his personal evolution has informed his art.


Songs You Should Hear: Fresh Hip Hop Cuts; What Happens in ‘Vegas’…

You’ll catch a few different vibes from this week’s Songs You Should Hear.

Maybe you’re ready to party. On the contrary, maybe you’re ready to put your head down and grind. Or, maybe you’re not in the mood for either, and would rather spend time in the arms of the one you love.

Whatever you’re in the mood for, it’s here.

Hear What You Should

Purpose, Growth, Relationships, and Balance: Staying on the Grind with Gr3ys0n

Over the past 10 years, the artistry of Gr3ys0n has gone through many phases. The Bethlehem, PA-based nerdcore hip hop artist — formerly known by the names Maverick da Roninn and NyteXing — is prolific in his creative output, blending his own life experience with references from comic book, anime, and video game culture to create a multiverse of his own.

We catch up with Gr3ys0n on today’s episode of The Quinn Spinn to chat about his new album, Identity Crisis Pt. 4: Hero Saga. We also explore what this project represents at this point in his creative journey, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and the art of balancing passions with the responsibilities of family life.


Long Live the Legendary: Dirty Heads Add to Their Legacy with ‘Midnight Control’

“Well all hail and long live the legendary
We will prevail
And make old laws imaginary
It’s our time to shine light
Upon the darkest souls
I follow those who search for more than just a common role.”

-Dirty Heads, “Indigo”

Anyone who has followed Dirty Heads for a while know that this is a band unafraid of defying convention. The Huntington Beach, California natives — who gradually caught fire with their 2008 debut, Any Port in a Storm — have shown remarkable versatility over a career that spans nearly 20 years of exploration through reggae, hip hop, rock, roots, and all points in between.

It makes sense, then, that the band’s latest album, Midnight Control, features the band’s most seamless experimentation to date. True to the lyrics referenced above, they unapologetically continue to push the envelope in the modern music landscape.

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UMC20: The Best of July 2022

Independent musicians of Earth… you brought the heat once again this month!

It was a lot of fun to construct the UMC20 Best of July, even if some tough decisions were made. There were some all-around bangers and, all told, this month was an especially strong one.

Come on in and hear why. It’s time for the Best of July!

Hear the Best of July
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