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UMC20: Summer Submissions and Upcoming Shows (Sept. 21, 2021)

We’re still combing through a summer’s worth of submissions from y’all, to be considered for inclusion on UMC20. We’re making some progress, but it still may take us a little while to get to ’em all.

Listen to UMC20

Fun -N- Games: Kiss, Marry, Kill with Rose Starring

Rose Starring’s EP, Stages of Grief, takes the listener on a journey through the phases we encounter at the end of a relationship.

The Florida native is a star on the rise, and we’re fortunate to have her join Michelle and Jenna today for a game of Kiss, Marry, Kill on Fun -N- Games!

Watch it Live! (7 p.m. CT)

Catalina Brings the Summer Heat with ‘Distance’

When Catalina joins us at The East Room on October 2 for our inaugural edition of 615Fest, fall will decidedly be underway.

However, if she performs her latest single, “Distance,” the summer heat will undoubtedly turn back up for at least a few minutes!

Hear the Single
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