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LISTEN: A Ballad for Soulmates from The Jayplayers

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finding and recognizing true love…

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PREMIERE: Kamber Unveils New Sound with Wistful ‘On My Own’

Nashville singer-songwriter Kamber has embarked on a variety of musical endeavors over the years, most notably through her heavy alternative rock band, Raviner.

However, listeners have never heard her quite like this.

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Mt. Shasta Shows Pop Sensibilities on New Single

Mt. Shasta, the solo project of Easton singer-songwriter Andrew Sheldon, usually veers away from pop song structure. For example, take his debut EP, which features just three songs over 23 minutes and strays from traditional songwriting conventions for something much more minimalist and ambient.

This time, though, Sheldon let his pop sensibilities shine.

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