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LISTEN: On ‘High,’ Becoming Young Details the Love that Changed His Life

Last fall, we got to know Brandon Calano, the Boulder, Colorado native who performs under the name, Becoming Young. In that interview, Brandon told us about his journey, and the love that helped direct its course.

We explore that love further on “High,” the slow-burning new single from the Nashville-based pop artist.

Get ‘High’

Brandon Calano: Finding New Life and ‘Becoming Young’

The events that occur in our lives can inspire us to great changes. Just the same, the people we meet can blow us wide open, help us to unlock new perspectives, and lead us to find our voice.

In the case of Brandon Calano, the recent Nashville transplant’s journey from his native Boulder, Colorado – and the mixed bag that comes with wholesale personal transformation – is reflected in the evolution of his musical project, Becoming Young.

Meet Brandon

The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, October 3

Tomorrow, we’re going to have a feature on Becoming Young, the project of pop singer-songwriter Brandon Calano, who won Series 2 of the Top Writer Series at True Music Room in late August.

Today, we’re going to let your ears into his latest release.

Hear Thursday’s Daily Spinn