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Phillip-Michael Scales Laments Paying for ‘Another Man’s Sin’

Photo credit: Bryan H. Iglesias

We all have pain from which we need to heal. If we don’t, we run the risk of passing that pain onto others — and particularly, to the people whom we claim to care about most.

Hear ‘Another Man’s Sin’

Summer Rewind: Stray Nova Strikes AGain!

If you’ve been following Live from the 615 for a while, chances are you already know what you can expect from Stray Nova. The Tennessee quartet — formerly a trio — supplies blues rock with edge, soul and, in their own words, “a little bit of mischief.”

Watch the Performance

UMC20: Turn Up the Heat! (Apr. 6, 2021)

Right on time with spring, the fire in our inbox is heating up.

(We mean that in the context of submission quality, of course. We also mean it in the context of our inbox being a raging, uncontrollable inferno of submissions that will probably never be extinguished.)

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