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The Balcony Show Play of the Day: Mar. 24, 2019

We’ve come to the end of another magical week, and our friends in radio back home, The Balcony Show, welcome you this Sunday with another rousing edition of Play of the Day to close your weekend out on a positive.

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On ‘I Won’t Be Around,’ The White Wolves Prove Their Staying Power

Nashville-based artists Todd Burman and Chuck Feltner came together in music through the similar, tumultuous life paths they share. By way of their collaborative project The White Wolves, the pair has used its experiences to add a versatile voice to the ever-changing modern music landscape.

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The Balcony Show’s Play of the Day: March 6, 2019

Our friends in radio from back home, The Balcony Show, are back with another Play of the Day, featuring a hot song from a noteworthy independent artist from anywhere in the world.

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Hard Work, Honest Songwriting, and Opportunity: A Conversation with Katie Cole

Katie Cole has built an impressive career since coming to the United States from her native Australia; one which has taken her to iconic venues, legendary studios, and has connected her with her heroes. As a songwriter and touring musician, her success story is built on the tenets of hard work, a reverence for music, and a common reassurance whenever opportunities arise.

“You’ll work it out,” Cole recalls telling herself. “Say yes to the opportunity. Say yes to the right people, and you’ll work it out.”

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The Delta Rae Revival: A Unique and Immense Live Music Experience

I originally heard about Delta Rae while living up in Bethlehem, PA. The lively country six-piece has come up to Christmas City a handful of times in the past, and even won our hearts with a high-powered song about the rise and fall of Bethlehem Steel on 2015’s “After It All.” Even so, I had never gotten the chance to take in the full, live Delta Rae experience…

…until Wednesday night.

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