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#BuildingBetter: The Venue’s Role

In our history, we have had the good fortune of a great number of incredible community partners to help us produce and promote events. These partners include the obvious – SouthSide Arts District and ArtsQuest among them. However, there are unsung heroes that, depending on their level of involvement in community programs like #LVUFirstFriday and SouthSide Arts and Music Festival, can very well make or break the success of a program.

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The Quinn Spinn on WLVU: June 12, 2017

As Acoustic Kitty Project puts the finishing touches on the band’s forthcoming album, The Quinn Spinn welcomed AKP frontman Carter Lansing to tell us about the record and play us a couple of tunes, live on WLVU: The Sound of The Underground!

Plus, we previewed Historic Bethlehem Museums & Sites and Lehigh Valley Underground’s joint presentation, Single Sisters Series: Songs For Sisters, and we welcomed local visual artist Bobby Zeik for an impromptu interview.

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This Week on WLVU: June 5, 2017

Now that the first full week of WLVU: The Sound of the Underground’s existence is underway, we thought we’d offer you a look at what you can expect from our fine internet radio programming in the coming days.

So, here it goes: we plan on making a weekly tradition out of this. Learn what’s coming up…

This Week on WLVU

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The Quinn Spinn: Allentown JazzFest Preview Edition

This week, we sit down with Bryan Tuk who, in addition to running law practices across Pennsylvania as the namesake behind Tuk Law Offices, is the founder of Performing Arts Live!, Inc., which produces Allentown JazzFest. Bryan shares what’s new and exciting about this year’s festival, taking place May 3-7 in downtown Allentown, PA, and how it all fits into his vision for a more vibrant Allentown.

Also, we have a couple more May-riffic Music Festival artists, a world premiere, and classic Stupid News and Somethin’ Good.

Thanks to The Valley Ledger and Tuk Law Offices for their ongoing support.

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The Quinn Spinn: Apr. 17, 2017

Today, The Quinn Spinn is joined by Josh Klein, the multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire behind Hairy Dudini. Hairy Dudini’s new album, “Vol. 1,” drops this Thursday, so you can be sure that we’ll hear a couple of live, in-studio tracks from the record on today’s show.

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The Quinn Spinn: April 10, 2017

Coming off the heels of Lehigh Valley Underground’s official, final lineup announcement for the May-riffic Music Festival, we present a few selections from May-riffic artists on today’s edition of The Quinn Spinn. Plus, we make a left turn into the world of EDM and present other choice tunes.

Thank you to our community partners at The Valley Ledger and Tuk Law Offices for their ongoing support.

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The Quinn Spinn: Live & Local Edition

Before we move forward, take a look (and a listen) back at the season so far. This week, we re-visit the great live, in-studio performances we’ve hosted so far this spring on The Quinn Spinn. Enjoy the talents of our local music scene, and treat yourself to some international Stupid News with The Quinn as a bonus feature!

Sponsored by The Valley Ledger and Tuk Law Offices.

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The Quinn Spinn: Mar. 20, 2017

On this week’s episode of The Quinn Spinn, local folk-punk trio Alex Mery & The Townsmen sit down with The Quinn, named as the Number One Guy Who Likes Their Music, to chat about the band’s formation, current projects, and future plans.

We also have some riveting selections from other #GoodFriendsoftheShow, old and new!

Thanks to The Valley Ledger and Tuk Law Offices for their support.

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