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Sunday Replay: Purpose, Genuine Connection, and… Lawsuits?

For this week’s Sunday Replay, we have a variety pack of clips from our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn.

Of course, you’ll get bite-sized bits of conversations about the creative journey. But… we also decided to mix things up, with one of the more memorable moments from an OG fam episode earlier this year.

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De-Mystifying Virtual Music Lessons

The notion of “virtual learning” became popularized over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. With lockdowns in place, those wanting to learn a new skill (or build upon an existing one) took to conference software and the internet to get it done.

Our friends at Music on the Move Studios are among those who have kept their lessons virtual, even as the world has reopened. Added convenience and accessibility are among the benefits to students and instructors alike, as remote learning allows anybody, anywhere to seek education.

Dive in with Erin McLendon (vocal coach) and Caitie Thompson (instrument coach), as they explore the benefits of virtual instruction.

Sunday Replay: Originality, Purpose, and Small Victories

Our recent guests to The Quinn Spinn have spent years refining their creative processes, and the time spent has put them in a position where they can share the lessons they’ve learned.

Today’s Sunday Replay presents a few of those lessons, front and center. Watch the clips below! And, if you want more insights just like these, check out these links…

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What We’ve Learned: Wrapping Up with Erin, Caitie, & Gerard

Hey, while you’re here: did you know that Underground Music Collective is a fiscally-sponsored project of The Arts & Business Council of Greater Nashville? That means you have the opportunity to make a charitable donation to UMC, which is tax-deductible to the fullest extent permitted by law. Click here and help us Keep the Music Playing!

Anyway, onto the article…

Between me and our friends at Music on the Move Studios, we’ve learned countless lessons about how to navigate the music industry over the years.

To wrap up our collaborative How to Get Involved in Your Local Music Scene series over at Music on the Move, Erin McLendon, Caitie Thompson, and I share what our journeys have taught us — about relationship building, finding opportunities, and creating a community.

This is a fun piece, and we invite you to share your lessons with us in the comments below!

How to Get Involved in Your Local Music Scene, Pt. 2: Open Mic Nights

Last week, we introduced How to Get Involved in Your Local Music Scene, a series of informative articles from our friends at Music on the Move Studios to come, every Tuesday for the next several weeks.

This week, Caitie Thompson dives into how to get involved in your local open mic circuit. This article will provide you plenty of insight, including:

  • How to find local open mic nights
  • What to expect when you arrive
  • What to bring with you
  • Networking best practices
  • …and more!

Have all of your burning open mic questions answered by clicking the button below!

Music Minute Monday: String Wrapping Dos and Don’ts

Every Monday, our partners at Music on the Move Studios take to their own blog for Music Minute Monday — a chance to share knowledge about proper technique, music business, and even instrument care.

Yesterday, Music on the Move co-founder Caitie Thompson (pictured above, right) — a multi-instrumentalist and instructor in her own right — took to the blog to share tips on how to tune your guitar — and to make sure it stays in tune.

Head over to get Caitie’s dos and don’ts!

Broads off Broad All-Female Showcase Set for June 10

Can’t wait to head to BentoLiving Chestnut Hill for Music on the Move’s all-female LGBTQ+ showcase to kick off Nashville Pride Week on Friday, June 24?

Well, good news: there’s another all-female showcase happening there during CMA Fest weekend, two weeks prior on June 10!

Learn more

Class is in Session: Finding the Right Music Teacher

Sooner or later, and no matter where you are in your musical journey, we all could use some guidance.

Last week, Luke kicked off the breakdown of Muze’s “10 People Musicians Need on Their Side” series by helping you learn what to look for when shopping for the right producer. But, before you can even get into the studio… you have to know how to perform!

So, in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, I decided to ask a couple of teachers how it’s done!

Erin McLendon and Caitie Thompson are performing artists and the co-founders of Music on the Move Studios. Based in Nashville, Music on the Move is a female-owned business which helps artists grow their careers through educational and performance opportunities. Those opportunities include private and DIY lessons – Erin teaches voice, while Caitie instructs students on a variety of instruments.

I sat down with Erin and Caitie to learn more about the role of a voice or instrument teacher. In the process, they helped dispel common myths, while showing the correlation between learning proper technique and building confidence.

Paradox Jukebox Welcomes Crystal Bowersox to Discuss Motherhood, Mental Health, and ‘Hitchhiker’

On Wednesday, May 4, our friends at Paradox Jukebox are welcoming a very special guest for an in-depth conversation on motherhood and mental health awareness.

Join host Caitie Thompson as she is joined by Crystal Bowersox. The singer-songwriter, who gained acclaim as the runner-up on Season 9 of American Idol, just released her latest full-length album, Hitchhiker, which is available on all major streaming platforms.

This episode will feature “The Storm,” a single from Hitchhiker that delivers a powerful message to survivors of domestic abuse and rape. This is all part of an in-depth and honest discussion about multiple heavy-hitting topics, and the songs that represent them. These include:

Make sure to follow Paradox Jukebox for this episode and many more insightful conversations.

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