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Daily Spinn: Taylor Hughes Calls Upon Her Wild Side on ‘Prayin’ to the Whiskey’

Yes, it’s true. Even good people have a wild side. Those who seem innocent on the surface can, indeed, get a little crazy when night falls.

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Our Gift to You: A Holiday Edition of UMC20!

We were sitting around, wondering what the UMC audience might enjoy waking up to on Christmas morning. After careful consideration, we think we’ve nailed it…

You want 20 tracks of holiday fire to play the whole day through!

Listen to UMC20: Holiday Edition

Daily Spinn: On ‘Welcome to Cashville,’ VOLK Proves Rock is Alive and Well

Press photo provided by VOLK.

Rock your way into a new week of Daily Spinns, with a new single that stares down the music industry and shoots from the hip.

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Daily Spinn: Sabrina Lentini Wants an ‘Xmas Fling’ This Holiday Season

We’ve ridden the highs and lows of love with Sabrina Lentini all year long here at UMC. As we enter the holiday season, it sounds like the Southern California native is still searching for that special someone.

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