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Support No Place for Hate with ‘Come Together 2018’ Crowdfunding Campaign

This Saturday night, an all-star lineup of Lehigh Valley performers will Come Together for No Place for Hate at Godfrey Daniels.

Before then — or, if you can’t make it on Saturday night — you can support the cause via a GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign and receive cool incentives, including tickets to upcoming shows at the legendary South Bethlehem listening room.

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Billy Bauer Band Announces “So I Love” Crowdfunding Campaign

Billy Bauer Band spent time this fall and winter heading down to Philadelphia’s MilkBoy the Studio to record “So I Love,” the band’s forthcoming new single and their first new studio recording in six years.

The band wants to make the release even more special by offering the single as part of a four-track EP with exclusive live cuts — and they need your help!

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Local Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter to Complete ‘Make Art Local’ Documentary

Riverside Films is nearing completion of “Make Art Local,” a Bethlehem-centric documentary “that celebrates and investigates the history and future of grassroots arts in Bethlehem.”

Now, they need your help to finish the project.

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Saturday Doubleheader Part 2: Shawn Cav Ensemble Crowdfunding Performance

After enjoying some great acoustic tunes and the glorious smells of craft beer and artisan pizza (that I swear I’ll treat myself to, one of these months) at Scratch, it was time to head to Catasauqua’s Unicorn Theatre. That’s where Shawn Cav Ensemble was beginning their crowdfunding performance in support of their upcoming second album.

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Help Shawn Cav Ensemble Complete Album #2

If you’re a jazz fan and a supporter of local music, you’ve surely checked out Shawn Cav Ensemble’s “Glass Houses.” If you haven’t, you should. Here’s a link.

Once you check that out, you might find yourself hungry for a follow-up. As it turns out, Shawn Cav Ensemble shares your sentiments. They plan to record this winter, but they need your help to make their second album even bigger and better than the first.

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D.S. Bradford Launches Pre-Order For ‘Elemental Evolution’ EP

March is coming in like a lion for rock artist D.S. Bradford as he launches his PledgeMusic Preorder campaign for his brand new “Elemental Evolution” EP release.

In January, Bradford released the title track from the upcoming five-track collection, a rousing rock song which is a story in and of itself. Fueled by the positive vibes and catchy songwriting, the media got behind the single, which has garnered positive reviews from critics and fans alike.

Recently, Bradford joined us on QSLehighValley where he revealed that the music for the EP is finished and that vocal tracking is next in the production phase. With finished artwork and two singles ahead of the forthcoming release, Bradford is looking to continue making a great impression with existing fans and new supporters.

D.S. Bradford is offering plenty of exciting exclusives to pledgers through his partnership with PledgeMusic that are accessible here, as well as insider updates along the way.

“This project means everything to me and I want to share it with all of you and have everyone be a part of this release. “Elemental Evolution” is about all of us, our future, and the things that are important to us in our lives,” Bradford said. “Your involvement with this project will not only give you one-of-a-kind items like artwork and CDs; it also is the epitome of what this EP is about: the message that we, in this world, can come together, be a part of something, and succeed.”

Pledgers and fans will join Bradford in achieving his goals during the recording process, to the mixing and mastering by Applehead Studios (Coheed and Cambria), up to the release of “Elemental Evolution” on CD and digital formats.

Join the “Elemental Evolution” on PledgeMusic, and check in with D.S. Bradford on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the web for updates.