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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, June 7

Welp, we started the week (and this whole Daily Spinn thing, in general) with the song that leads us into every episode. So, it’s fitting that we finish the first week with the one that leads us out each month.

Hear Friday’s Daily Spinn

Star-Crossed: Pop Trio Lost Stars Set to Release ‘Sirens + Light’ July 5

Pictured L-R: Charley Holden, Damian Malnar, Trey Warner

Originally hailing from Kansas, the members of Nashville-based pop trio Lost Stars are true to their name. They have the chemistry and camaraderie of a group drawn together, perhaps by fate.

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Review: The Road Sodas EP

Artist: The Road Sodas
Album: Self-titled
Released: Mar. 17, 2017
Genre: Hardcore Punk

AC, drummer for Nazareth punks The Road Sodas, forever has the distinction of being the featured artist in our 500th post, an interview with LVU contributor Ambrose Tardive.

On St. Patrick’s Day, he and his bandmates distinguished themselves further, this time as one of the heaviest, grooviest punk bands the Valley has seen in recent memory with the release of their self-titled EP, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Nate West.

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PHOTOS: Pete Hill, Voirvoir, CRUISR, Cheerleader at The Alternative Gallery

The inviting and inclusive atmosphere of The Alternative Gallery in Allentown proved to be the perfect host for a night of indie-pop rock ‘n roll this past Sunday.


Pete Hill & Friends kicked the show off with their own style of folky pop tunes. Their upbeat rythms combined with catchy choruses grabbed everyone’s attention and set the tone for the night.


The next to take the stage was Voirvoir.  This local 5-piece played an arrangement of synth-heavy melodies and hard-hitting harmonies that seemed to permeate the painted gallery walls and captivate the audience.

Cruising up to join us was CRUISR, the dancey pop rockers from Philly. Now, the term “dancey” is used quite literally – they invited people from the crowd to sing and dance along with them while they played. These guys clearly know how to party!


Also joining us from Philly were the heavy-pop headliners Cheerleader. Their bright, eclectic style of indie rock was both enthralling and energetic, and the ideal conclusion to a great night of local music.


Check out The Alternative Gallery for more upcoming events.


Review: The Mad Sugars – Amateur Hour EP

Artist: The Mad Sugars
Release: Amateur Hour EP (LISTEN)
Genre: Rock and/or Roll
Release Date: Jun. 23, 2015

When we last left The Mad Sugars, they had just come out with a three-track EP appropriately titled Just a Taste. Indeed, it was just a taste of what Adam Gruss and company would find themselves capable. Their latest effort, the “Amateur Hour EP,” signals a sonic evolution for the New York-based dance rock outfit.

Opening with the hooky “Matchmaker,” and featuring enhanced versions of Just a Taste holdovers “Just Keep Dancing” and “How She Likes It,” the record’s sound is fuller and more complex than its predecessor. Backing vocalists Sarah Golden and Anna Ritter – featured for quite some time during live performances – make their recording debut and find themselves providing well-balanced support for Gruss, who seems to have found a confident voice as a singer and lyricist on this six-track offering.

It’s fair to note that, even through the travails of nightlife that recur in Gruss’ lyrics, this record is meant to get you dancing. Even “The More You Spill,” surely the EP’s most overtly dark track, has a Franz Ferdinand-esque beat and bass groove that will get the staunchest of wallflowers nodding along. The track also features some stellar guitar work from longtime Gruss collaborator Dan Callas, which is hazy in all the right ways as it tells the tale of a night gone awry.

All in all, The Mad Sugars have a fun, mostly tongue-in-cheek record that pushes them beyond “Amateur Hour” and into the big leagues. Bring your dancing shoes and sense of humor, and you’ll find yourself going back for “Another,” again and again.

Track listing:
1. Matchmaker
2. Queen of the Club
3. Just Keep Dancing
4. Another
5. The More You Spill
6. How She Likes It