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The Quinn Spinn on WLVU: Oct. 2, 2017

Kara Hartzell is a singer-songwriter hailing from the Lehigh Valley whose debut EP, “When I’m Home,” is set for release on October 5, 2017 at SteelStacks. Kara joins The Quinn Spinn to tell us what we can expect, and to perform a couple of original selections live on the show.

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May-riffic Day 2 Preview: 12 p.m. Start Time, Full Lineup

Well, that was fun!

Day 1 of our May-riffic Music Festival rocked well into the night and saw top-notch performances across the board. We want to thank Carter Lansing, Jordyn Kenzie, Chelsea Lyn Meyer, Leah Marie Fuls, Rofo Audio, Summer Scouts, Camo, and Rofo Audio (again) for getting us kicked off! Photos and a recap of the entire festival are coming on Monday.

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May-riffic to Offer a Taste of Music Outside the Valley

In addition to the plethora of Lehigh Valley artists set to rock you on this weekend’s May-riffic Music Festival bill, we have a few coming to us from just outside the region who might be new to you, and whom are sure to please with a variety of sounds.

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Get Ready for May-riffic with the Official Spotify Playlist!

If you’re like us, you’re probably suuuuuuuuper excited for this weekend’s May-riffic Music Festival at American Spirits Roadhouse.

Tonys and Tapas

Advertisement: Civic Theatre of Allentown

Like, so excited that you can hardly contain yourself, and you just want the week to hurry up and end already so you can get to Saturday. You might even sound something like, “I can’t take another minute of this! OH, THE HUMANITY! WHEN WILL THIS WEEK FINALLY END?!

Sorry, we got a little carried away. Case of the Mondays, perhaps?

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One More May-riffic Batch!

You’ve seen our first two batches¬†of May-riffic Music Festival lineup announcements. So far, it’s a stacked festival, filled top to bottom with some of the Valley’s best artists across genres.

Before we move forward, take a brief look back: Batch 1 | Batch 2

We’ve got one last batch for you, to put the icing on the cake for what is going to be an epic day on May 13. Here we go!

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