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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, October 11

If you’re like me, and you came of age in the early-mid 2000s, you came up in the mainstream heyday of emo and have a soft spot for the genre.

Today’s Daily Spinn is here to scratch that itch, bay-baaaaay.

Hear Friday’s Daily Spinn

Mt. Shasta Shows Pop Sensibilities on New Single

Mt. Shasta, the solo project of Easton singer-songwriter Andrew Sheldon, usually veers away from pop song structure. For example, take his debut EP, which features just three songs over 23 minutes and strays from traditional songwriting conventions for something much more minimalist and ambient.

This time, though, Sheldon let his pop sensibilities shine.

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The Quinn Spinn, Sponsored by The Valley Ledger:

Local singer-songwriter John Hufford joins today’s episode of The Quinn Spinn, sponsored by The Valley Ledger. John tells us about his musical beginnings, how he became a songwriter, and his aspirations in this exclusive interview which also features a pair of live, in-studio performances.

Plus, we have some TRULY Stupid News, Somethin’ Good (and adorable), and plenty of variety in our musical selections!

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Saturday Doubleheader Part 1: Living Room Sessions at Scratch

I had the pleasure of supporting local music across our great Valley this Saturday night, trekking from Bethlehem on a mild (for January), foggy evening to hit both of the day’s Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week selections.

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