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LVU Partner Dustin Schoof Honored with Namesake Beer

Dustin Schoof is a pretty famous guy around these parts. As you know, he’s the local entertainment journalist behind DustinSchoof.com, an all-around good soul, and the Hulk Hogan to our Randy Savage here at LVU (I chose Randy, because his promos were unmatched and often hilarious).

Now, our fellow Mega Power is immortalized in beer form.

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PHOTOS: Pearly Baker’s Open Mic, Hosted by Carter Lansing

I love open mics. I love the fact that they give you the opportunity to hear a small sample size of multiple artists in the same night. I also appreciate what the open mic represents: newcomers and music scene veterans, coming together to hone their craft.

Everyone out here on the music scene (and, well, any music scene ever) is a creator. We want to find ways to share our creations with the world around us, even if it’s just a few people at a time. Whether sharing originals orĀ rather interesting covers, musicians need an audience. The open mic gives them that, often in an intimate setting.

This was the case at Pearly Baker’s in Easton on Thursday night, as a showcase hosted by Acoustic Kitty Project’s Carter Lansing yielded some relaxing acoustic tunes in a variety of styles to start the weekend early. Check out a few black-and-white shots (and forgive all the shadows — the dim lighting adds to the ambiance at Pearly’s).