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REVIEW: Harlan, Saved Comes to the Rescue with ‘1958’

Dylan Odom — the Savannah, GA-based songsmith behind Harlan, Saved — didn’t act alone when he set out to release the project’s first EP, 1958. As good fortune would have it, he was able to enlist the help of his all-time favorite band.

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LISTEN: Erin McLendon’s Self-Titled EP Proves to be Worth the Wait

The journey to Erin McLendon‘s self-titled EP — the follow-up to 2017’s full length debut, Making It Up As We Go — began in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We got our first taste last February, with the release of the raucous, unconventional love song, “Shakin’ In My Boots.” From there, we were treated earlier this year to a “Cell Block Tango” inspired tale of infidelity (“Millie”), followed by a cheeky nod to the holier-than-thou, titled “Sunday Crowd.”

The new record dropped in its entirety on Friday. Alongside the aforementioned moments, there are more memorable cuts that are sure to stir your emotions and have you nodding along.

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On ‘Young + Improving,’ Dan Fuson Processes Loneliness and Pushes Boundaries

When crafting his new EP, Young + Improving, Dan Fuson set out to stretch his musical boundaries, expanding his reach into the pop realm while maintaining an honest alt-rock edge.

After listening through, it’s clear that his creative spark paid dividends. The five-song collection goes beyond the guitar to create memorable musical moments, all while coping with the varying shades of loneliness that are all-too-familiar to a great number of Millennial creatives.

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‘Cashvillians’ HERU HERU Bring Hip Hop Back to Its Roots

HERU HERU’s Ah-Deli and Foundation Mecca find themselves on a mission. Inspired by the golden era and the legends who paved the way, they strive to make room for lyricism in the modern hip hop landscape.

In December, they released their Cashvillians EP. With this latest effort, it seems that they’re well on their way toward accomplishing their mission.

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Max Swan’s ‘Gone Away’: An Introspective Electrosoul Vibe

Earlier this fall, we showed you an eerie juxtaposition from the mind of Max Swan – the black-and-white, abandoned streets of Philadelphia, set to a bright and nostalgic rendition of Henry Mancini’s 1967 song, “Two For the Road.”

That single finds itself on Swan’s new Gone Away EP (released Oct. 30). True to form, Swan bends genres and bares his soul – this time, on a record that explores the humanity in our flaws, and the disconnects that arise within our relationships.

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The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, Oct. 2

Over the course of the spring and summer, we were offered many tastes of Laura Mustard‘s Treehouse EP. We learned that “Nobody’s Road” is ever even throughout the course of life. Then, “Eager” taught us to celebrate our mistakes in front of a Motown-inspired backdrop, before we escaped to the “Treehouse” itself.

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LISTEN: Holly Clausius Releases Infectious ‘Sunflower’ EP

Last week, I took a virtual trip to Toronto, ON to attend the listening party for Holly Clausius’ newest EP, Sunflower. Many of her collaborators were present –including Kyle Gamble, Olivia Guselle, Alex Purcell, and a number of fans (myself included) — to hear an EP packed with brilliantly-told stories.

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