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QSLehighValley: Mar. 24, 2016

This week, QSLehighValley gains the distinction of hosting Michael Meade’s first-ever podcast interview! Michael is a singer-songwriter from nearby Bucks County, and he telsl us about his musical history, his teaching endeavors, and his debut album, “Everyday Man.”

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Julius – Sunlit Day
Michael Meade – Never Grow Up
Michael Meade – Everyday Man
Marc Ambrosia – Take Good Care of Me
Rofo Audio – Hushed
JingerKroa – Sicko
Threatpoint – Careful What You Wish For

Review: Michael Meade – Everyday Man

Michael Meade joins QSLehighValley tomorrow for his first-ever podcast interview! Catch it on SoundCloud, iTunes, and right here on Lehigh Valley Underground!

Artist: Michael Meade
Album: Everyday Man (LISTEN)
Released: Jan. 18, 2016
Genre: Acoustic Rock/Country/Americana

With a wisdom behind his lyrics and a sound so definitive, it’s hard to believe that “Everyday Man” is Michael Meade’s first original album. Indeed, the long-time cover artist and music instructor joins the original music party with an effort containing the prowess of a veteran songwriter.

Having a sense of satisfaction about one’s place in the world is a recurring theme on “Everyday Man.” On the album’s title track, Meade claims his own imperfections with a sense of comfort that comes with life experience. Meanwhile, the spiritual, perspective-laden “Relevant” visits the walk-on-eggshells mentality that society is often forced to adopt, a theme which is revisited on the bluesy “Never Grow Up,” where Meade proclaims his philosophy to “live life on (his) own terms.”

“Everyday Man” features sweet ballads alongside fun, down-to-earth mid-tempo rock and country tunes. The eight-track offering is tied together with Meade’s powerful, soulful voice and profound worldview, and is a great first offering from an artist with a lot to say.