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Songs You Should Hear: Don’t ‘Sleep’ Too Long; STAV G’s Lucid Dream

This week’s Songs You Should Hear showcases the broad scope of the music out there for all of us — from the more traditional, to the completely unorthodox.

We love it when we get to paint from a broad palette like this — it keeps things interesting, and certainly, it gives all of our ears something new to appreciate — no matter your flavor.

Let’s start this weekend right!

Songs You Should Hear: Nov. 12, 2021

Hear What You Should

The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, April 15

In this time where many are feeling isolated, alternative Swiss artist Ekat Bork has released a visual to capture that feeling, exploring all sides of the presently homebound existence of countless individuals worldwide.

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The Abominable Snow Lotion; or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Snow

There was a guy we used to know — he got his real estate license.  One of the listings was of a house that was complete trash and, in the family that had lived there, the wife killed the kids and husband, then herself. (A death is part of that disclosure thing, so our friend got the details from the listing.) There was no way he was gonna be able to sell this, and he was pretty new, so…

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The Quinn Spinn, sponsored by The Valley Ledger: Nov. 7, 2016

Here at The Quinn Spinn (sponsored by The Valley Ledger), we pride ourselves on giving you something different. This week, we mix up some of the genres today to give you new tunes, and we offer a different, empowering take on this polarizing time in our history. And, of course, there’s Stupid News and Somethin’ Good to get your spirits up!

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The Quinn Spinn: Oct. 31, 2016

We #ThinkPink one more time in October 2016 with a spooktacular, new music edition of The Quinn Spinn, sponsored by The Valley Ledger. This episode features another great Factory Fast Records compilation, and tunes from artists local to us and around the world.

Plus, we feature some Stupid News with a hunger, and a once (or twice) in a lifetime edition of Somethin’ Good.

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The Quinn Spinn, Sponsored by The Valley Ledger: Oct. 3, 2016

We kick off October’s slate of shows, sponsored by The Valley Ledger, with an interview with Philly-area indie pop artist Mesa Jane. We chat about her experimental EP, “This Is How the Meek Riot,” as well as her creative process and the future for this bright artist.

We have plenty more where that came from, including a missing briefcase mishap in Stupid News, and we tell you the ill effects of negative headlines. Makes you crave Somethin’ Good, doesn’t it?

Track listing:
REVEL 9 – All I’ve Become (Opening theme)
Rofo Audio – Maisie
Mesa Jane – It’s Still Free to Laugh
Mesa Jane – It’s Still Free to Laugh
The Blisscats – A Star is Born
Grunge Norris and the Slackers – One Way Kid
Marc Ambrosia – Nineteen
Robert Hunter – Outta My Mind
John Scargall – That Wind’s Always Gonna Blow
Jupiter in Velvet – Lose Yourself
Zed D’Lance – Hangin’ On
Rawboss – Color
The Revere – The Beast
Duke Maroon – The Man Who Laughs

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