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Sam Least Delivers Contemporary R&B Smash, ‘Postmaster’

West Palm Beach native Sam Least (real name Samuel Florexil) is a lifelong student of contemporary rhythm and blues, taking cues from greats including Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, and using their influence to inform his sleek, modern sound.

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Sunday Thought Series: Need a vacation? Take one.

Sometimes, all you need is to take a step back and breathe.

Most who know me know that I’m not one to take too many breaks. However, recent events over the past several months of my life made me feel like taking a vacation was a necessary and positive step.

Over the past week or so, I’ve driven to Sarasota, Florida and back, making stops along the way on a solo adventure meant to clear my head and give me some distance from the grind of everyday life. The long road was grueling, but the sights I witnessed, people I met (or reconnected with), and times I experienced made every mile of the trek worthwhile.

It worked. I feel refreshed, refocused and excited to get back into the fold, both with Lehigh Valley Underground and life in general. I had the opportunity to get back to myself, and find true motivation and inspiration on the road to be the best version of myself as we head into spring. I hope and believe that inspiration will come through on LVU in the weeks and months ahead.

Why am I sharing this here? Because sometimes, we as independent creators become bogged down by the hustle. There are so many details and intricacies to what we must do to be successful, and at times, it can feel as if we’re not getting anywhere. However, it is in moments where we remove ourselves from the fray that we often see how far we’ve come – and how to get to where we wish to go next.

I encourage you to keep up the good – and hard – work, but remember this: if you feel the need to take a step back to see the forest for all of the trees once more, it will probably benefit your art and your life more than you even realize.

Plus, you could find yourself with a view that can’t be beat.


VIDEO: Music Can Happen Anywhere

Sometimes, it happens on a beach.

The scene is Siesta Key, Florida. This island off of Sarasota boasts a beach previously declared the #1 Beach in America. It also hosts the Siesta Key Drum Circle, every Sunday at sunset on the beach.

What you’re seeing here is people getting together just for the sake of making music. It’s completely improvisational; folks from the area — and visitors from beyond — simply bring their instruments to the beach every week and make music happen. It’s also a big deal around here, as you can see by all of the spectators.

We just thought this would be worth sharing to our local audience in the Lehigh Valley. Surely, a region with so much musical talent can find inspiration from this weekly institution more than 1,000 miles away.

Watch the video below.

We’re on Vacation! (Well, sort of…)

I’m off on a fantastic voyage (no, not with Coolio) to my favorite place in the world, Siesta Key, FL. I’m really looking forward to it – not only am I escaping winter at its most boring and pointless juncture in favor of white sand and sunshine, but I have plenty of time to take a step back, relax, collect my thoughts and let them flow before I return next Friday.

I am promising myself that I’ll keep a reasonable distance from technology for the majority of the trip (my eyes and “text neck” will thank me), so any kind of breaking updates may be limited. Not to worry, though – next week’s Quinn Spinn and QSLehighValley are already recorded, and I have plenty of content already in the queue to give you a reason to come back every day. Not to mention, I may share a surprise treat or two with you along the way, if anything catches my eye.

And man, after getting all of that ready, I need a vacation. For now, I leave you with the aforementioned Coolio. See you soon!