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UMC20: Summer Submissions and Upcoming Shows (Sept. 21, 2021)

We’re still combing through a summer’s worth of submissions from y’all, to be considered for inclusion on UMC20. We’re making some progress, but it still may take us a little while to get to ’em all.

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PREMIERE: Ava Earl Releases Title Track from ‘The Roses’

Photo credit: Shannon Earl

People change, circumstances change and, with them, so do friendships. These evolutions can be confusing without proper context, and Ava Earl is here to help us make sense of them with her latest single, “The Roses.”

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Ruby Landen Sorts Through Post-Breakup Confusion on ‘Pt. 1’

Following the release of January’s “I Look Like My Mother,” Brooklyn-based folk songstress Ruby Landen is back with “Pt. 1,” a moody and contemplative post-breakup ballad that asks the age-old question…

“What is it that’s wrong with me?”

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