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Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: An Addendum

It appears that even we can’t be perfect. How so?

Well, we apparently missed a bunch of Can’t-Miss Shows back on Monday. With that, here are a few bonus…

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

Thurs., Oct. 20 | 12 p.m.
Not For Coltrane and Dave Fry
Bethlehem Farmers Market, New & Morton Sts., Bethlehem
Admission: FREE
Description: Fresh eats and great tunes from two of the Valley’s finest folk artists.

Sat., Oct 22 | 7 p.m.
Chef Jeff’s Space Rock Jamboree
Venue: Gin Mill & Grille, 1750 Main St., Northampton
Admission: $5; plus $5 suggested donation
Description: Local psychedelic rockers come together in this cancer benefit for a longtime music supporter.

Sat., Oct. 22 | 10 p.m.
Another Day Dawns
Venue: Stahley’s, 1826 Hanover Ave., Allentown
Admission: FREE
Description: The young, spirited hard rockers highlight a Saturday night in Allentown.

PHOTOS: 3 Pill Morning at The Gin Mill & Grille

Who says Tuesday isn’t a great night to rock?

Folks at Northampton’s Gin Mill & Grille last night were ready to hear the melodic hard rock sounds of 3 Pill Morning. The melodic Minneapolis four-piece is currently on tour, and their Lehigh Valley stop was nothing short of electrifying.

The night began with an opening acoustic set from singer-songwriter Steve McDaniel. McDaniel performed a set of mostly covers, peppering in a few originals that stood tall among classics from artists like Johnny Cash and more.

Then, it was time for 3 Pill Morning to take the stage. The band’s high-octane performance resonated well with those in attendance as they performed a mix of selections from their debut, “Black Tie Love Affair,” and their upcoming release, “Never Look Back.”

Artist Q&A: Jeff Stebbins of 3 Pill Morning

Tonight, Minneapolis-based hard rockers 3 Pill Morning invade the Lehigh Valley to perform at Northampton’s Gin Mill & Grille. Doors open at 5 p.m. for what is sure to be a great night of rock.

Lehigh Valley Underground caught up with Jeff Stebbins, vocalist of 3 Pill Morning, for thoughts on tonight’s show and the band’s upcoming album, “Never Look Back.”

For those in our area who might be unfamiliar, how did 3 Pill Morning originate?
3 Pill Morning got started in Minneapolis with members of several different existing bands joining up and jamming together.  A project was soon formed and have continued to push it into the touring act that we are now.  It’s been a hell of a process, but we are excited to see all that hard work pay off!

You guys deliver high-energy, melodic hard rock. What artists have influenced your sound?
We’ve all got a variety of musical influences ranging from the Chili Peppers and Incubus, to Slipknot and Guns & Roses.

In 2012, you released your debut album, “Black Tie Love Affair,” which garnered attention from the likes of Revolver and Billboard. Looking back, what made that album so successful?
I think with that album we really became better songwriters and really focused on telling the story in a memorable way. We had an idea for the type of album we wanted to create, and we really wanted there to be something for everyone.

Also to your credit, you’ve toured with a who’s who list of modern hard rock, including groups like Shinedown, Sevendust, Buckcherry and, one of my personal favorites, Hollywood Undead. Talk about your touring experience.
It’s been great to hit the road with those bands and learn what it takes to really make it in this business. Some of those bands have really become friends and given us a lot of great advice and feedback to help our career. Plus, who doesn’t love playing in front of killer crowds?!

Tell us a great story from the road!
I think one of the most memorable moments, from a crowd perspective, is the first time we were thousands of miles from home and the entire crowd was singing one of our songs. It was completely unexpected, and to have that moment and see how impactful a great song can be keeps us fueled to do bigger and better things every day.

You’re preparing to release your sophomore album, “Never Look Back.” What can we expect from this record?
This album is definitely more aggressive and has an edge to every song on it. We really captured the emotion of each song, and these songs are real experiences and things that everyone can relate to in this crazy world. We’re really excited for everyone to experience it!

How have you guys evolved in the past four years, from “Black Tie Love Affair” to now?
I think we’ve become a lot more seasoned in the business itself, but have quickly realized the only people that can make things happen are us and our fans. Our new album is exactly what we wanted to write. Our fans are behind us 100% and, because of that, things are really taking off!

Recently, you released the album’s first single, “Electric Chair.” What has the response been so far?
Incredible. We felt like we had a good one with “Electric Chair,” and to get the feedback we have from fans and friends has been everything we’d hoped!

You’re coming to the Lehigh Valley, playing tonight at Northampton’s Gin Mill & Grille. What can we expect from this night of rock?
It’s going to be a party and a high-energy rock show. When we come to town, we want everyone to have a great time and make sure it was worth their while to come out and support the live show. We promise to make it an awesome 3PM experience!

Anything else you’d like to add?
You can preorder our album “Never Look Back” now, and definitely get out to see us on the road.  We’ll be touring nonstop, so don’t be shy!

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week: June 20-26

The Originals Music Series… is taking the week off.

On that note, you might think that we’d be lost without our bread and butter. However, there’s plenty more going on in and around the Valley to keep us occupied this week. Explore your region or take a field trip with this week’s..

Can’t-Miss Shows of the Week!

Mon., June 20 | 7:30 p.m.
Sleep at Union Transfer
Venue: Union Transfer, 1026 Spring Garden St., Philadelphia
Admission: $25
Description: Start your week with a field trip to Philly to see Sleep, with special guests Windhand.

Tues., June 21 | 5 p.m.
3 Pill Morning
Venue: Gin Mill & Grille, 1750 Main St., Northampton
Admission: $10
Description: Minneapolis-based melodic hard rockers come to the Lehigh Valley to perform tracks off of their upcoming release, “Never Look Back.”

Sat., June 25 | 12 p.m.
The Stoop’s Summer Starter Pack
Venue: The Stoop, 1953 West Township Line Road, Blue Bell
Admission: $10
Description: A day of great music and fun awaits with Mage Hand, Kingfisher, Stay at Home Dad, Forest Ranger, Wetbrain, Chalmers, Bandit, Yung Boi Movement, and Haz Lo Correcto

Sat. June 25 | 7 p.m.
Roi & the Secret People and Acoustic Kitty Project
Venue: Rivals Sports Bar & Restaurant, 5 Lehns Ct., Easton
Admission: FREE
Description: The mongrels from Dog St. are meeting up with the cats from the Project in Easton’s hottest alley.

Review: 3 Pill Morning – Electric Chair

Catch 3 Pill Morning at Northampton’s Gin Mill & Grille on Tuesday, June 21. Tickets and more information here.

Artist: 3 Pill Morning
Release: Electric Chair (LISTEN)
Upcoming Album: Never Look Back
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock

3 Pill Morning is preparing to release its new album, the completely crowdfunded “Never Look Back,” in July. If its lead single “Electric Chair” is any indication, the money donated to the band by its fans is turning out to be well-spent.

The Minneapolis-based rockers – who have toured with the likes of Shinedown, Buckcherry, Hollywood Undead, and many more – hit us right away on “Electric Chair” with an urgent guitar riff that leads perfectly into a loud, high-energy track that is sure to keep heads banging.

Vocalist Jeff Stebbins delivers a memorable performance, highlighted by lyrical content about reaching the point of no return. The catchy melody is accompanied by a big sound brought forth by Jon Stephenson on guitar and Ryan “Riplee” Lee on bass.

Rightfully so, we’re excited to hear what the rest of “Never Look Back” has to offer. 3 Pill Morning has created the hype by releasing its opening track, a song as supercharged as its title suggests.

Bonus Interview: KILLCODE at the Gin Mill & Grille

Friday night, KILLCODE came from Long Island to join Autoerotica and Vegafuse on a great night of rock and roll at Northampton’s Gin Mill & Grille. Each band was cool enough to hang out with us for a few minutes and tell us a bit about themselves.

Our interview with KILLCODE has everything you could want — information on the band, a bit of humor, and even a rude interruption from a loud, diesel-fueled vehicle (they say it was their tour bus). Enjoy!