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The Balcony Show Play of the Day: Fri., May 10

Ready to party? Y’all know we are, and so are our friends in radio, The Balcony Show.

Hear what they’ve chosen to start your weekend after the jump!

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Hear Friday’s Play of the Day

Young Pablo: Live at City View Sound

Allentown, PA-based rapper Young Pablo was born in Florida, and finds himself heavily influenced by southern rap, as well as northern trap music. However, he carries influences with him that range beyond music, delving into poetry.

Watch the video

LISTEN: Seth Witcher’s Genre-Bending ‘I’m Sorry’

Seth Witcher is a man of many talents. He built his own guitar from scratch, and he plays it quite well. Also, his voice is smooth as butter, and he’s proven to be a heck of a songwriter.

Looking for proof? Start by enjoying his new single, “I’m Sorry.”

Hear the single
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