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Crossing the Streams with Your Next Favorite Band (Pt. 1)

Your Next Favorite Band is a podcast based back in our old stomping grounds of Bethlehem, PA. One thing we all share in common: a love for building community through music.

On this mashup episode, we dive into our plans to do that — together — later this year. In addition, we get a history lesson on not only the UMC platform, but the formative events that shaped its development.


Going Home Again: ‘Your Next Favorite Band’ Hosts UMC Founder Gerard Longo This Tuesday

Before there was Underground Music Collective, there was Lehigh Valley Underground, a plucky regional music blog based in Bethlehem, PA.

The origin point of that blog? Of course, it’s our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn, which is still running strong in its 10th year.

Over the course of the past decade, we’ve had the opportunity to make countless connections with artists and fellow creatives near and far. However, some of the strongest and most enduring reside right back home in Bethlehem!

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Keeping Your Creative Ambitions in Balance with Meg Rilley

Meg Rilley is a powerhouse southern rock artist located in Nashville. A lifelong performer and musician, Meg’s evolution as an artist and a person shines through in her artistic expression and her approach to pursuing her dreams.

This week on The Quinn Spinn, Meg discusses the journey, as well as her new single, “Below Average.”


Mission, Vision, and Values: Which Should You Define First?

In our UMC Coaching program, we help creatives identify the mark they want to leave in the world. To do that, you have to be moving in a direction that is true to you.

So, which of these three should you define first: your mission, your vision, or your values?

Help our founder become Mr. Health and Fitness 2023⁠
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From Surviving Cancer to Mr. Health & Fitness?

From Surviving Cancer to Mr. Health and Fitness

It’s time to get personal on this week’s Quinn Spinn Solo Mission.

Our founder recently came across the opportunity to win a feature from Muscle & Fitness Magazine as part of the 2023 Mr. Health and Fitness competition.

That’s a long way from being 16 and diagnosed with a very malignant tumor, unsure if life would ever be the same again.

Gerard shares the story of what led to this point, and what this opportunity — at this point in time — could mean for UMC.

Vote here starting May 1 at 12 p.m. CT.


Building Community and Exploring our ‘Vices’: A Conversation with ARREIS

ARREIS is a dynamic dark pop artist and Chicago native based in Nashville; one who strives to make genuine connections and build community through her music. Her new album, Vices, is a nine-track conceptual offering that stemmed from religious trauma, and takes complex themes and present them to her audience in accessible, relatable ways.

A “double extrovert,” ARREIS joins us today on The Quinn Spinn for a deep dive into the album, our passions, and the ways our experiences shape the world around us. Buckle up!


Solo Mission? Think Again: Uncovering the Benefits of Building a Team

There comes a time in every solopreneur’s journey where building a team becomes not only helpful, but necessary to the future growth of one’s platform.

Today, we walk through the benefits of building the right team, and how your collective efforts can help grow a stronger creative ecosystem.


Uncovering Your Place in Music: Producer/Artist J Pierson Explores the Answer

J Pierson is a man of many talents. A producer, artist, studio designer, and creative force, J is a talented and disciplined music industry professional with a mind on service and an eye on the big picture.

J joins us on The Quinn Spinn today, and it leads to a conversation about the effort and persistence that go into the creative journey, and the ways we keep our passions in balance with the rigors of everyday life.


Working Toward Your Vision (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)

When we embark on the creative journey, we often underestimate the level of work that goes into turning our passions into a career.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like, learned over the course of the past decade.

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