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Leah Sykes’ ‘Sorry to the Waitress’ Depicts a Public Lovers’ Quarrel

We often get so caught in keeping up the appearance of perfection, that we often fail to address what’s wrong in our relationships.

Listen to ‘Sorry to the Waitress’

It’s Getting Hard to Breathe Among Cole Sipe’s “Lost Trees”

As he does with all of his music, Cole Sipe single-handedly brought his latest single “Lost Trees” to life, from inception to completion. He says that his new futuristic funk tune will make you feel “lost in any space that you’re in.”

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Sabriel Finds Herself Able to ‘Love Again’

Throughout the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve all had a chance to go inward and work on our relationships — with others, of course, and with ourselves.

As for Las Vegas-based neo-soul artist Sabriel, she took her inner work and turned it into her latest single!

Hear ‘Love Again’
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