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PHOTOS: Tape Swap Radio Showcase, Mar. 31, 2018

Before an absolutely wild month of April begins here at Lehigh Valley Underground (more on that later), we wanted to warm up by busting out the camera and getting out on the scene.

Fortunately, Tape Swap Radio obliged, presenting its latest showcase at Lit Roastery and Bakeshop in South Bethlehem.

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Who Makes Cubbage’s ‘Core 20’?

Back in January, Doylestown-based performer CJ Dunleavy alerted us to his “Philadelphia Indie” Spotify playlist, featuring 70+ noteworthy songs by local and regional artists. The playlist has since been passed on to Spotify’s algorithm curators, virtually ensuring that many more ears will have a chance to hear some amazing, under-the-radar tunes.

It seems that more performers are getting in on the playlist curation trend — including the Lehigh Valley Music Awards’ reigning Outstanding New Band/Soloist recipient, Cubbage.

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On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen (Zach Russack Duo Takeover): Day #9 – Wild Wild West Virginia


Howdy, y’all! Zach and Alex here again, coming to you now from the vast, woodsy expanse of West Virginia, where we’re pretty sure we saw a grand total of five towns once we hit the WV border from Nashville. But what sights they were! Being in all that open country and winding highways reminded the two of us of driving through Vermont. What a beaut!

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On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen: Day #5 – A Great Day

And I’m back! We started off this morning with a stop at good ol’ Mickey D’s for some sustenance, and after a quick stop at CVS for Krave sticks (which Zach was overabundantly excited about) we continued our grand adventure south toward Charlotte, NC.

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On the Road with Alex Mery & The Townsmen (Zach Russack Duo Takeover): Day #4 – OOOoooOoooOOooOOOoOoh


Alex here, coming to you from Durham, North Carolina! As you can see, we have no idea what we’re doing taking over this blog, except when we’re searching for buffalo. We found one, conveniently right outside Caffe Driade, which happens to be our cozy little venue in Chapel Hill. Did Kara mention how hot it was down south in the last blog entry? Because… it was really hot. 95 degrees hot. And humid. Toooouurrrrrr.

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