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UMC20: The Best of May 2022

It’s been quite a month around these parts!

We enjoyed lots of live performances. We welcomed new submissions from all over the world. We had fun in the process.

Can’t ask for much more than that, right?

We feel good about where this summer is headed, and we’re here for wherever the adventure takes us. Today, it brings us to celebrate the UMC20 Best of May. Hear a sample of what the past month had to offer below!

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UMC20: Guess What? It’s Already May (May 3, 2022)

We’re late to the party on our annual J-Timbs meme share. Sorry — it’s just been busy.

However, one thing that isn’t late is this week’s UMC20 playlist — and we’ve got ourselves some bangers. We also have some more tender moments. We run the genre gauntlet, and we even have a Mother’s Day tune from a “Swanky Ma.”

Make sure you call Mom this weekend — after you check out what we’ve got for you below!

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HOME Elite Artist Spotlight: Natasha Blaine

Once a month, we are partnering with Helping Our Music Evolve (HOME) in East Nashville to feature an artist who is enrolled in the organization’s Elite Artist Program, which teams recording artists with HOME’s Verified Producers and other business professionals to accelerate the process of creating and monetizing their music.

First up is Natasha Blaine. A Seattle native, Natasha moved to Nashville in 2018, and has been captivating audiences in Music City with her jazz-influenced vocals and engaging live performances ever since. She just released her new single, “You Don’t Treat Me the Same,” co-produced alongside HOME-certified producer Allan Fine.

I had the chance to chat with Natasha about the new single, her creative process, and the joys of performing live. In the process, I could sense her genuine excitement for what the future holds. Read the interview below, and check out “You Don’t Treat Me the Same” when you get to the bottom!

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TONIGHT: NashLive! Teams with Glasse Factory on ‘Songs for Ukraine’ Livestream

Tonight, we’re doing it live for the people of Ukraine.

Join NashLive!, Glasse Factory, Cole Law Group, and Helping Our Music Evolve tonight at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT for Songs for Ukraine. Donations throughout the event will benefit World Central Kitchen, which provides support for Ukrainian refugees in this time of crisis.

The concert features performances from Nashville-based artists across multiple genres. They include:

Watch the full stream at twitch.tv/glassefactory. Click the button below!

UMC20: Upcoming Performances, International Jams (April 12, 2022)

It’s a busy week around these parts. NashLive! has a couple shows — both in-person and virtual — and that’s always exciting. It also gives us plenty of tunes for UMC20.

That’s just part of the story, of course. We have artists spanning the globe featured this week, from as far away as New Zealand, as well as plenty right here at home. The genre spectrum is pretty well covered. All in all, this volume of UMC20 is surely memorable, and bound to have something you’ll want to replay over and over again.

Let’s get to it, then? Cool!

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Alex Radus: ‘Tributaries (Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels)’ Album Release

Alex Radus will release his long-awaited third album, Tributaries (Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels), on April 7, 2022. The album is uniquely centric to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region; it was recorded live at the legendary Southside Bethlehem listening room, Godfrey Daniels, and will be commemorated with a debut performance at Zoellner Arts Center, on the campus of Lehigh University.

Radus is known as a “sultry crooner” (City Paper) and “master guitarist” (Courier News), but his songwriting takes center stage, pairing whimsical and poignant storytelling with a genre-bending mix of Americana, swing, blues, folk, and more. Radus has toured the country extensively and earned critical acclaim for his songwriting, recording, and performing. His music has been featured on radio, television, and film, including Adolescence, directed by Ashley Avis (Black Beauty).

Tributaries is a collection of Radus originals, in celebration of a common theme: tributes to the people, places and muses that inspire and shape us. How fitting, then, for Radus to record Tributaries at Godfrey Daniels, an institution that is part of his family heritage. Radus’ uncle, Doug (Ol’ Moose) Anderson, performed at Godfrey’s with John Gorka, Richard Shindell, and Russ Rentler in the club’s formative years.

“The musicians in my family were a huge influence growing up, and Godfrey’s was part of the family folklore,” says Radus. “This album celebrates the many tributaries that come together to shape our lives. Recording a collection of songs of tribute at such a storied venue was the perfect fit.”

Tributaries includes a live version of Radus’ fan favorite, “We Can’t Play Like Django” – an homage to the guitar great, Django Reinhardt. “Django” features jaw-dropping performances by Pyrenesia, a Delaware Valley-based gypsy-swing quartet. Tributaries also includes songs in honor of Pennsylvania steel towns (“Monongahela”) and Radus’ daughters (“My Heart Will Stay” and “Prayer for Nicolette”).

“I’m thrilled to release this album with a debut performance at Zoellner Arts Center”, says Radus. “From inspiration, to recording, to release, Tributaries is firmly rooted in the Lehigh Valley.”

WATCH: On ‘I of the Hurricane,’ Alex Radus Rallies Against the Egocentric

Have you ever met somebody who, at all costs, absolutely must remain the center of attention?

“I of the Hurricane” — the latest from Alex Radus‘ forthcoming album, Tributaries — Recorded Live at Godfrey Daniels — is a slow-burning, at-times-scathing account of these individuals and the paths of destruction they tend to leave behind

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