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NashLive! Presents: Quinn O’Donnell, Tess, and Spirits Republic

Here’s something we already know about Thursday, November 18: it’s going to rock, and rock hard.

How do we know? Because that’s when we’ll be at The Cobra Nashville (2511 Gallatin Ave.) with a rock and roll lineup featuring Quinn O’DonnellVera Bloom, and Spirits Republic.

Quinn O’Donnell is known across Nashville for her raw and emotional performances. Her unique blend of alternative rock paired with atmospheric songwriting gives her a unique, yet timeless sound. Taking inspiration from artists like Death Cab For Cutie and Radiohead, O’Donnell takes root in the early 2000’s and late 90’s. Through her touring and local DIY shows, Quinn and her band full of friends have made their mark in venues across the Nashville area and beyond.

For alternative rock artist Tess, songs are born from moments — angry, filled with confusion, or laced with hope. The songwriter unveils those experiences with her piano centric style, fusing modern pop and classic rock. 
 For many years Tess supported other acts on keys, BGVs, and as a music journalist. Now she allows her music to rise to the front, giving ear to her creativity inspired by powerful artists like Fiona Apple, Ben Folds and Elton John. In 2020 Tess released her debut single, “Good For Nobody,” introducing her sound and perspective as a songwriter. The indie pop anthem was followed by a closer lean into her rock influences with “Fade Away (To Gray),” featuring upbeat piano and sliding guitar. Working with producer Parke Cottrell of Colony House, the artist recorded her debut EP, set to release the forthcoming summer. The songwriter shares how she wrestles with anxiety, her inner-critic, and learns to find purpose in the middle of it all.

Groovy. Heavy. Psychedelic. These are three words that have been used time and time again to describe Nashville based alternative/experimental rock band, Spirits Republic. The band is known to deliver a fun, fresh slice of progressive alt-rock and has been cited as being, “dynamic,” “unapologetic,” and “like Led Zeppelin mixed with The Smashing Pumpkins, with a hint of early Red Hot Chili Peppers and Primus.”

NashLive! Presents: Chloe Hogan, Alyssa Lazar, and Ali Henderson

We’ll be back at The East Room on Thursday, November 11 with another fresh lineup of Nashville-based female pop artists Chloé Hogan, Alyssa Lazar, and Ali Henderson.

Chloé Hogan takes pieces of every artist she’s ever heard, to inspire her storytelling and songwriting. Her music includes an array of old Motown soul harmonies and live-sounding instrumentals. Though most of what Chloé writes seems to be accented by its bright and groovy nature, the lyrics and overall feeling behind the music are much more somber. The “timeless” conversation of love — and the more evident loss — is the focal point of each work. The incredible dichotomy of her uplifting grooves, partnered with her melancholy lyrical composition, is perhaps the most unique component of Chloé Hogan’s music.

Fueled by the sound and passion of classic rock and roll music, Alyssa Lazar brings a 1970’s nostalgia to today’s pop/rock music. Lazar grew up in Scranton, PA, constantly surrounded by music, and began singing at the age of three. Her transition from singer to musical artist began when she learned to play the piano at the age of eight. Following this, she began to write songs, compose, and accompany herself for shows and performances at every venue throughout her hometown weekly by the age of fifteen. After high school, Alyssa moved to Nashville, TN to continue pursuing her music career. Her love for piano mixed with her love for classic rock brought Alyssa’s music to a sound reminiscent of artists such as Elton John, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, and Queen. Lazar unapologetically brings out her fiery spirit and dauntless attitude within her theatrical, rock and roll inspired sound.

South Carolina native-turned-Nashville resident Ali Henderson was born to be something special. While southern culture is often synonymous with sweet tea, warm nights, and Country music, it’s always refreshing for an Alt-pop artist like Henderson to emerge from quaint towns like Gaffney, South Carolina. In 2015, Henderson earned a one-way ticket to Hollywood thanks to American Idol, impressing the likes of Keith Urban, Harry Connick Jr. and Jennifer Lopez. After the show she moved to Nashville, where she completed a degree in Songwriting. Gutsy lyrics, fresh yet familiar instrumentation, and killer vocals are Henderson’s M.O.

$10 at the door | 18+ to enter | Must provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a recent negative test

NashLive! Presents: Skylar Gregg, Charles Ellsworth, and The Daily Fare

It’s an Americana showcase in the heart of East Nashville on Wednesday, October 20, when Skylar Gregg, Charles Ellsworth, and The Daily Fare join us at The Cobra!

Skylar Gregg engages in a gripping cocktail of hard work, humor, and self discovery, expressing vivid lyrical imagery and raw grit that soaks into every note of her songwriting. The Nashville-based musician translates that into a mixed bag of retro southern music immersed in old soul, 60’s and 70’s country and blues.

Charles Ellsworth is an NYC transplant by way of the White Mountains of Arizona where he was raised on Mormon hymns and Top 40 country music. A storyteller by nature, Ellsworth’s lyrics and near-familiar melodies weave to tell stories of heartbreak and loneliness, while shining a light on the perseverance of the human spirit. A self-proclaimed “recovering toxic sadboy” — Ellsworth’s music has evolved with him. Through sobriety and self-exploration, Ellsworth has shifted from writing songs lamenting “the ones that got away,” to singing honest reflections about what caused them to leave and doing the work to be better.

Northern-born songwriters Alissa Abeler and Hannah Smith joined creative forces to form the duo now known as The Daily Fare. The pair grew up on opposite sides of the music world, with influences ranging from Judy Garland and Adele to Beethoven and Bach, with a healthy dose of Broadway, punk cabaret, and 80s ballads sprinkled in the mix.

Their shared affection for poignant and evocative narrative teamed with years of playing small intimate shows have transformed the once-placid duo’s sound into the story-weaving powerhouse they are today. With characteristically unique vocal harmonies and engaging instrumentation, The Daily Fare are carving out a niche for themselves within the Americana genre while their honest and occasionally eccentric approach to storytelling continues to engage new listeners on this creative journey. Their sound has been compared to First Aid Kit, The Milk Carton Kids, and The Civil Wars.

$10 at the door | 21+ to enter

NashLive! Presents: A Night of Nashville Hip Hop

Nashville’s growing hip hop community will soon have another chance to shine, courtesy of NashLive!

We’ll be presenting A Night of Nashville Hip Hop at Cobra Nashville (2511 Gallatin Ave.) on Saturday, October 16. This showcase event — presented in conjunction with Wall to Wall Entertainment and our friends at Music City Movement — features a lineup of five of Music City’s prolific independent hip hop artists, including:

Apple Music

Keith Mosley*
Apple Music

Lord Goldie

Mr. 110

Tee Walls*
Apple Music

*-Denotes Wall to Wall Entertainment artist.

Enjoy this Night of Nashville Hip Hop for just $10 at the door. Doors are at 8 p.m., with music hitting the stage at 8:30 p.m. You must be 21 or older to enter.

NashLive! Presents: Krantz, Monte Mader, and The Mad Sugars

We make our debut at The Cobra Nashville on Thursday, October 14 — and we’ll be accompanied by the talents of Krantz, Monte Mader, and The Mad Sugars to celebrate!

Krantz can best be described as “rock ‘n roll in color from Music City, USA.” Those who join us as Cobra better be ready for some earworms, including the new single, “Louisiana,” set to drop this fall!

Monte Mader describes herself as a “singer/songwriter and smile production expert.” The Wyoming native’s infectious onstage energy and heartfelt, attitude infused lyrics combine to create badass entertainment for all in her path.
Fronted by Berklee College of Music grad Adam Lawrence, The Mad Sugars fuse garage rock and dance pop to create lively and engaging performances, with lyrical content centered around the nightlife misadventures of young adults in the 21st Century. Originally hailing from New York City, the band now calls Nashville home, and will be celebrating the release of its new EP with us at Cobra!
$10 at the door | 21+ to enter

NashLive! Presents: Sarah Manzo, Dakota Ryley, and Julia Kahn

Sarah Manzo. A girl with stories to tell, a longing to connect and light to share. This Taurus hails from New Jersey but possesses an authentic New York sound. After an intense year of personal growth, spiritually and musically, she now resides in Nashville TN, where she is performing and recording her debut EP! Her music is compatible with fans of Alicia Keys, Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, and Lianne LaHavas. 

Born just outside of New York City, Dakota Ryley naturally picked up on the city’s R&B nuances, contributing to her unique style of pop. The warm tone and effortless runs that her voice naturally carries reflect that culture. Blunt honesty, spun through raw and real lyrics, defines her ever-growing repertoire. Dakota effortlessly blends contemporary pop sounds with old Motown musical motifs for easy listening. After a full year of five single releases, Dakota is set to drop her debut EP this fall. She started off the summer by releasing the project’s first single, titled “Good For You,” which landed her writeups in Rolling Stone India, Earmilk, Vents Magazine, and several other notable music outlets.

Indianapolis native Julia Kahn captivates listeners with her authenticity and soul-moving voice, blending indie-electronic production underneath a deep chill wave, R&B, indie-pop vibe. She carries a vibrant artistic vision that is connective and magnetic through her soulful lyrics and storytelling, dealing out heartfelt grooves that reach out to your soul.

Live from the 615 Presents: The Sewing Club, Hippie Speedball, and Juke of June

On Thursday, Sept. 16, Live from the 615 will be back at The 5 Spot with The Sewing Club, Hippie Speedball, and Juke of June.

The Sewing Club comprises of Hannah McElroy (lead singer/writer), Stephen Meaux (Electric Guitar), Will Harris (Bass Guitar), Zach McCoy (drums) who all met during their time at Belmont University. The band is currently working towards releasing their debut EP this summer that is currently being recorded and produced by Jared Corder of Repeat Repeat*. Hannah’s steady and pure vocal delivery over the shifting and ever-changing musical layers gives a dreamy feel to this rock band.

Hippie Speedball has been described as a “make-you-move, excite your eardrums kind of band” known for their high-energy performances and seasoned musicianship. The band consists of Dylan Taylor on vocals, Daniel Demonico and Dennis Drummond on guitar and backing vocals, Jon Von Boehm on bass, and Kirby Bland on drums, who combine their vast musical powers to deliver a thrilling night out for everyone in the room.

Juke of June combines 70’s style rock, surf rock, blues, soul, and more, with the goal of “connecting with people on a personal level through writing and creating as a cohesive unit.” The six-piece strives to create a new and unique musical experience for the listeners — and themselves — every time out.

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