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DJ Pearlman of REVEL 9 to Join The Quinn Spinn Live Season Premiere!

To usher in the Facebook Live era of The Quinn Spinn, Lehigh Valley Underground is honored and privileged to announce long-time Good Friend of the Show DJ Pearlman as the first guest of our official podcast’s new season on Monday, September 19 at 6 p.m. ET.

You might know DJ from Long Island-based hard rock juggernaut REVEL 9, and followers of The Quinn Spinn will recognize him for a number of reasons. Not only is DJ always a fun interview – here’s proof – but his band’s song, “All I’ve Become,” has kicked off every piece of Quinn Spinn programming in existence since September 2014.

DJ’s upcoming appearance on the show also comes at the perfect time: REVEL 9 will be entering the Lehigh Valley on Saturday, September 24 to once again perform at Slatington Bike Night. Taking place from 12-8 p.m. and sponsored by our good friends at The Fyre & Ice Show, Slatington Bike Night promises to feature food, fun and, of course, awesome music. LVU will be in attendance all day long. So really, DJ’s interview on The Quinn Spinn’s season premiere is just the start of a wild week for us!

Make sure you like The Quinn Spinn on Facebook so you don’t miss the action. And, of course, visit our friends at The Valley Ledger for being such Good Friends (and sponsors) of the Show.

PHOTOS: MAYVE at the Tally Ho (WSCI Summer Concert Series)

MAYVE, a rising synth pop quintet, drove all the way from East Islip, Long Island to take part in the WSCI Radio Summer Concert Series at South Bethlehem’s Tally Ho Tavern.

For certain, we hope that they’ll join us again.

The young, energetic five-piece presented super-tight tunes that marry 80s New Wave and modern alternative rock, gaining themselves new fans and making a statement in the Lehigh Valley.

If you missed it, replays of the show will air on WSCI Radio. You can also enjoy our view from behind the lens below.

Review: REVEL 9 – The Reality Crush

Catch DJ Pearlman of REVEL 9 on The Quinn Spinn‘s return episode this Mon., Feb. 1 on SoundCloud and iTunes!

Artist: REVEL 9
Album: The Reality Crush (LISTEN)
Release Date: Oct. 30, 2015
Genre: Hard Rock

Long Island-based hard rockers REVEL 9 have developed a signature sound over the years; one that features pensive – sometimes brooding – lyrics with heavy instrumentals. That sound has evolved a step further on the band’s latest release, “The Reality Crush.”

Frontman DJ Pearlman has made strides as a vocalist from 2011’s “The Razorblade Diaries.” Pearlman’s ability to convey emotion – you can sense his anguish right away on a track like “Senseless Tragedy” – brings the listener in to hang on his every word he sings. Pearlman combines thoughtful lyrics, good vocal range and pointed delivery, making him a force to be reckoned with on “The Reality Crush.”

Musically, it is apparent that the band challenged itself on “The Reality Crush.” Album closer “Say” features hard rock chords over jazz rhythms, making it an intriguing listen for rock fans and music theory aficionados alike. Meanwhile, “Wailo” features tricky vocal rhythms over a dark tone set by the song’s bass intro, and is among REVEL 9’s finest work so far. “Quietmind” also sees the band pushing past old boundaries by featuring Raiana from KHz, who offers a soulful female vocal element to the band’s sound.

After listening through “The Reality Crush,” it is easy to understand just why REVEL 9 has an increasing number of hard rock fans excited. Their music is equal parts catchy and aggressive, and “The Reality Crush” establishes them further as a band with the power and ability to appeal to the masses.