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UMC Real Talk: 400 Trillion

The world is full of no shortage of reminders that life is a tremendous gift. In fact, it’s such a rare gift, that we have a 400 trillion to 1 chance of ever receiving it.

On this week’s edition of UMC Real Talk, we explore that notion with a personal story and call to action for those of you looking to make an impact.

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WATCH: Get ‘Initiated’ with Brother Dusty

If you’ve been following along here at UMC, you may have heard about Brother Dusty, a versatile musician with plenty to say, and perhaps even more ways to deliver his message.

In case you haven’t, here’s a chance to get acquainted!

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The Quinn Spinn, with special guests EverSōl

In a polished musical landscape, EverSōl brings a raw, vulnerable edge to the scene that has made them one of the most exciting modern rock acts in Nashville — or anywhere else. Their fearless, authentic songwriting paints from a wide palette of musical influences, endearing the band to fans far and wide.

On this edition of The Quinn Spinn, we get to know Keece and Coffin, the musicians and creative forces behind EverSōl. We follow their journeys from Arkansas to Music City, and learn about their process and the lessons they’ve learned.


PREMIERE: A.T. Branch Takes a Sobering Look at Addiction and Abuse with ‘The Flood’

As we’ve previously established, A.T. Branch is unafraid when it comes to tackling uncomfortable topics. It’s why his forthcoming EP is called Renegade.

Today, he takes on addiction and abuse with his latest single, “The Flood.”

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Tell UMC About Your Favorite Industry Education Resources

So, as you may have heard (because we’ve been talking a lot about it), our podcast is coming back on Monday. It’s going to feature conversations with music industry folks about music industry topics which, we hope, will provide some insight and inspiration for you on your creative journey.

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A New Year, New Places, New Adventures

Well… that was some year we had there.

As many of you are aware, things look quite different than they did a year ago at this time. For one thing, we changed our name. For another, while we’re still bringing our hometown of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania a fresh First Friday lineup every monththanks, Ralph! – our base content operations are now based in Music City itself, Nashville, Tennessee.

2018 took a lot of unexpected turns and took us to tons of new places. Along the way, we met another small army of independent musicians of just about any genre, while also showing love to those we’ve known for years. We’ve reviewed scores of releases, hosted a couple dozen or so events, and did it all in the name of advancing the works being created by the artists in our midst.

We also became more industry-conscious this year. We began scouring the internet for relevant content to help you get the most out of your band and your brand. We feel it’s important to connect musicians to the vast amount of resources out there, to help them #GoBeyond their locales and let their talents be known to the world. 2018 was just the beginning in that regard; there’s plenty more where that came from in the year ahead.

With that, we’re looking forward to doing what we do best in 2019 – providing independent and up-and-coming musicians with a resource to share their work and discover that of others. We want you to keep telling us when you have new releases, upcoming shows, or other significant milestones. And please, let us know what you want to see more of and what we can do better. The Underground Music Collective is your resource, and we want to serve you in the best ways we can.

Last (but certainly not least), thank you for sticking with us on the ride so far, from Christmas City, to Music City and beyond. We look forward to leading you to exciting new destinations and discoveries the whole year through.

Happy New Year. Here’s to a bright and prosperous 2019!

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