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UMC Real Talk: Self-Care for Creatives During COVID-19

Some find peace in creating during this time of global uncertainty. Others do so by resting, reflecting and, perhaps, grieving for the world.

No matter what self-care looks like to you, it’s important to do it right.

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UPDATED 4/20: A List of Artist Relief Resources in Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entertainment industry — and most of the world — to a grinding halt. With that, countless individuals in the industry have seen their sources of income disappear in an instant.

With that, a growing number of organizations and individuals are stepping up to ensure that affected people have a chance to stay financially afloat in uncertain times. We’ve compiled a list below, and will be maintaining and updating this list daily, as we become aware of more.

If you know of any other resources for artists in this time — on a local or national level — please contact us immediately.

Artist Relief Tree (Waitlist)
Bandcamp Donating Revenue Share to Artists (Friday, Mar. 20)
Equal Sound Corona Relief Fund
Grand Ole Opry Trust Fund
Luna Sea Media: Resources for Musicians to Financially Survive CoronaVirus Cancellations
MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund
Music Covid Relief (Information/applications pertaining to the CARES Act)
Patreon COVID-19 Grant Application
Qobuz ‘Gimme Shelter’ Download Revenue Sharing Initiative (Extended through May 15)
Royalty Exchange 90-Day Discount for Coronavirus Relief
Sound Royalties No-Fee Advance Fund
Spotify COVID-19 Music Relief
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
Tour Support (LightHopeLife)

The 5 Spot Community Fund (Nashville, TN)
615 Service and Entertainment COVID-19 Relief Fund (Nashville, TN)
Band Together Buffalo Online Concert Series (Buffalo, NY)
Bay Area Musician’s Relief Fund (Bay Area, CA)
Boston Artist Relief Fund (Boston, MA)
The East Room Staff Fund (Nashville, TN)
Greater Cincinnati Artist Relief Fund (Cincinnati, OH)
Michigan Music Alliance Artist Relief Fund
Nashville Venue and Employee Support (via No Country for New Nashville)
NC Artist Relief Fund (Raleigh, NC)
The Rauschenberg Foundation/New York Foundation for the Arts (Emergency Medical Grants) (New York, NY)
The Safety Net Fund (Bay Area, CA)
Santa Cruz Symphony Musician Relief Fund (Santa Cruz, CA)

UMC Real Talk: The Process

Each of us is on our own creative journey. With that comes a process that is guaranteed to teach us lessons. Some of them are easy. Others are a little more hard-earned.

Here’s why it’s important to trust in that process, no matter how things turn out in the moment.

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Tonight: Participate in a Video Conference on Copyright Law

The following is a message from our partners at Tuk Law Offices.

A lot has happened in the world of copyright law in the last three weeks. Major decisions by the US Supreme Court, as well as rules changes that are going into effect in the US Copyright Office will have a significant impact on how creators and businesses protect their intellectual property.

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Shout ‘Em Out: What’s Your Favorite City… Outside of Your City?

We haven’t shown Chicago much love, and we had this photo laying around, so why not? #GoCubsGo

January is a good time to finish preparations for the year ahead. Loads of musicians are actively seeking to book out their calendars, loading up on summer festivals and dates that will take them to new and exotic locales throughout 2019.

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job: It May Help Your Music Career

Throughout the course of my own independent music endeavors — from The Quinn Spinn, through Lehigh Valley Underground, right to the present day with UMC — life has been a balancing act. And, if I’m being honest, there have been times where it has made me feel like varying aspects of my professional life were at war with one another.

If you’ve felt the same way — or, even if you feel the same way right now — then it’s very important that you read the article linked below.

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Hot Takes: Leaving a Live Music ‘Tip’

The above photo has been circulating on social media since September 2015 and, somehow, it finally came across our desk just recently. The idea of a “live music tip” being built into a venue patron’s bill is not necessarily a new concept.

With that said, it is certainly one worth considering, and it could be beneficial across the board.

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