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Musikfest Bonus Tracks: Del Water Gap and National Parks on the South Side

Just when you thought we were out of Musikfest content, it turns out that we have more photos for your viewing pleasure.

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Musikfest, Day 10: An Easy Sunday Afternoon

My schedule on Sunday was different from the rest of Musikfest, in that I was able to make it out during the early portion of the day. This was a good thing, as there were quite a few artists I wanted to check out during that part of the festivities.

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Musikfest, Day 9: A Double-Sided Adventure

Dark clouds were again looming over Bethlehem when I got back into town from visiting my brand new niece and going to my friend’s engagement party. It was around 5 p.m., and I wanted to make sure I got to Musikfest before the rains inevitably hit.

Lo and behold, Mother Nature gave us a reprieve this time.

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Musikfest Five-Point Preview: Sunday, August 13

Our magical ten-day journey together is now reaching its conclusion.

We’ve had a lot of fun covering Musikfest over the past week and a half. We’ve happened upon dozens of incredible live performers, have run into a multitude of folks from across the music scene, and have enjoyed every minute.

We’ll save the #feels for later, though. There is still music to be heard, so let’s go!

Musikfest Five Point Preview: Sunday, August 13

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Musikfest, Day 8: Singer-Songwriters, Full Bands, and Plenty of Laughs

Dark clouds were moving into Bethlehem around the time that I was able to get ready to head down for the second Friday of Musikfest. My original plan was to walk straight down to the Red Stag Pub Liederplatz stage to catch the end of Dina Hall’s set, and work the North Side before heading over to The Ice House for Night 1 of the Lehigh Valley with Love Comedyplatz at 8:45.

Then, as I walked out the door, the skies opened up, thwarting my plans to walk down, camera in tow.

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Musikfest Five-Point Preview: Saturday, August 12

Torrential rain shut down the outdoor portion of the 10-day Musikfest party a little early last night. Today, however, is a new day. Although forecasts suggest that we should keep an eye on the sky, we’re still planning on having ourselves a time on the festival’s final Saturday.

Musikfest Five Point Preview: Saturday, August 12

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PHOTOS: Billy Bauer Band Makes Musikfest Memories at Liederplatz

When you hear the sounds of Billy Bauer Band nearby, it’s hard not to stick around a while and enjoy the quartet’s bright brand of acoustic rock. That’s what I did on Thursday night — during a festival with so many stages running at any given time, I dedicated a full set to enjoying this Bethlehem-based band.

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Review: Philly’s June Divided Brings Dynamic Indie Rock to Musikfest

This year, LVU is seeing contributions from members of our music community who are out on the scene at Musikfest to catch the action. One of those people, WLVU Station Manager John Paul DeBard, caught up with Philadelphia indie rockers June Divided (who we saw at another festival earlier this year) and shared his thoughts on their set.

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Musikfest Five-Point Preview: Friday, August 11

There’s something special about a weekend at Musikfest. Indeed, such a phenomenon only takes place twice a year, and creates quite a buzz of summertime love and happiness for all who encounter it.

After this weekend, you’ll have to wait 51 weeks to experience it again. So, there’s no time like the present – let’s not miss out on a good time!

Musikfest Five Point Preview: Friday, August 11

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