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Building Community and Exploring our ‘Vices’: A Conversation with ARREIS

ARREIS is a dynamic dark pop artist and Chicago native based in Nashville; one who strives to make genuine connections and build community through her music. Her new album, Vices, is a nine-track conceptual offering that stemmed from religious trauma, and takes complex themes and present them to her audience in accessible, relatable ways.

A “double extrovert,” ARREIS joins us today on The Quinn Spinn for a deep dive into the album, our passions, and the ways our experiences shape the world around us. Buckle up!


Uncovering Your Place in Music: Producer/Artist J Pierson Explores the Answer

J Pierson is a man of many talents. A producer, artist, studio designer, and creative force, J is a talented and disciplined music industry professional with a mind on service and an eye on the big picture.

J joins us on The Quinn Spinn today, and it leads to a conversation about the effort and persistence that go into the creative journey, and the ways we keep our passions in balance with the rigors of everyday life.


Working Toward Your Vision (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)

When we embark on the creative journey, we often underestimate the level of work that goes into turning our passions into a career.

Here are a few examples of what that looks like, learned over the course of the past decade.

Learn more about UMC Coaching.


Set SMART Goals for 2023 (Quinn Spinn Solo Mission)

The New Year means that it’s time for all of us — musicians and creatives included — to set our New Year’s Resolutions. If you want a chance at keeping yours, you’d better be SMART about it.

What does that mean? #GetSpunn and find out!


Sunday Replay: Fighting Different Forms of Abuse; What is Underground Rising?

We’re not afraid to discuss difficult topics on our Official Podcast.

Two of these Sunday Replay clips from The Quinn Spinn deal with combating different forms of abuse, which we hope will create further understanding and inspire productive conversations. In addition, we shed more light on our Underground Rising initiative, whose success will help us produce more thoughtful content like this.

Want to learn more about The Quinn Spinn? Check out these links, and then check out this batch of videos!

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Purpose, Growth, Relationships, and Balance: Staying on the Grind with Gr3ys0n

Over the past 10 years, the artistry of Gr3ys0n has gone through many phases. The Bethlehem, PA-based nerdcore hip hop artist — formerly known by the names Maverick da Roninn and NyteXing — is prolific in his creative output, blending his own life experience with references from comic book, anime, and video game culture to create a multiverse of his own.

We catch up with Gr3ys0n on today’s episode of The Quinn Spinn to chat about his new album, Identity Crisis Pt. 4: Hero Saga. We also explore what this project represents at this point in his creative journey, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and the art of balancing passions with the responsibilities of family life.


Re-Branding, Recharging, and a Case of the ‘Mondays’ with Ria Barkr

Ria Barkr has been hard at work throughout 2022 releasing soulful R&B cuts — and doing it her way. The Virginia native went inward during the COVID-19 pandemic, and emerged refreshed and ready to present her artistry in an entirely new light.

Learn about Ria’s journey in this conversation, and stick around to learn about her latest single, “monday,” and the value of recharging in a “hustle culture” that isn’t always what it seems on social media.


Sunday Replay: Tennessee Titans and Nashville Hip Hop; Communicating the Truth Through Music

Earlier this week, we announced that we’re giving you a daily taste of our Official Podcast, The Quinn Spinn, by sharing the show’s most insightful, inspirational, and/or hilarious moments on-demand.

We encourage you to subscribe to UMC on YouTube, to ensure that you don’t miss a moment. However, we’re also making it easy for you to find the goods every weekend with our new Sunday Replay feature, right here on UMC!

Every Sunday, we’ll roll all of the week’s clips into a recap, giving you the opportunity to catch them all under one roof. From there, if you want even more Quinn Spinn goodness where that came from, might we suggest the following links?

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Anyway, onto the first-ever Sunday Replay!

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Do What Feeds Your Soul: Communicating Your Truth Through Music with Kyshona

Kyshona Armstrong believes in the power of music to heal and communicate. Kyshona used her artist platform and background in music therapy to launch Your Song, a collaborative songwriting program that connects performing arts centers, musicians, and artists with vulnerable communities to promote healing and community connectedness.

This conversation is about building community, lifting each other up, and remaining fearlessly authentic to your truth and your vision. Listen to get inspired!


A Modern ‘Classic’: Chatting with the Multi-Faceted Madame Daley

Madame Daley is a New York City-based musician, songwriter, performer, and creative artist who incorporates a bevy of musical influences and artistic mediums into her work. Her debut EP, Classic, showcases her appreciation for all thing’s rock and roll, while honoring the genre’s varied history.

Today on The Quinn Spinn, you’ll find out where the songs come from, and how the multifaceted Madame Daley translates her diverse musical palette into a variety of live performance experiences.

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