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New Year’s Resolutions for the Emerging Musician

We’re at the beginning of another fresh, new year, bubbling like champagne with possibilities for success and happiness.

But… enough of the cliche stuff. It’s time to get to work! For musicians and creatives, we must work every day to bring ourselves one step closer to the lives we envision.

With that, we’ve compiled a list of steps that anyone can take to raise the bar in 2019, and to ensure that more eyes and ears engage with their content than ever before. Let’s go!

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New Release Radar: Stacy Gabel and John Carelli’s New Duet; Chosen’s EP

Lehigh Valley artists have been hard at work, getting ready to say goodbye to summer and preparing releases for fall.

It’s the Friday of a holiday weekend, which makes this the perfect time to check out some of that new music with the return of our…

New Release Radar

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LVU Wants You to Describe Your Album in One Word

Hey, in case you haven’t heard, the year changed over to a new one on Sunday.

In our pledge to reach more of our scene than ever in 2017, we’re making a point to reach out more to you, People of the Underground, to see what you have going on. Obviously, that includes anything released by those of you who are musicians.

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